In The Face Of Uncertainty Between Bello And Dino -By Engr. A.S Yunusa

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The face off between Senator Dino Melaye and Governor Yahaya Bello have raised the attention of many in the society. The victims of the face off (which are common man like me and you) are taking sides either to be with the governor or to stand with the senator. The tears on my eye is that my fellow youth had lost his precious life in the course leaving a lacuna in the heart of his love ones. I don’t know when the youths will start using judiciously the greatest asset given to them by God Almighty which is their faculty of thinking. I am really disturbed on when the youths will realize that these politicians only have two interests at heart, one is their pocket and the other is how to win next election. They dont think of your well being or the state of the future. They can deceive the masses through empty political promises but their actions proved otherwise. These politicians will leave their precious family at home, come with every securities that can save them in the face of any uncertainty, on a bulletproof car and lured you to be killed without making use of your brain to think. Haba! This is a big mess on the side of our youths. If they are really fighting for the interest of the masses and are ready to make sacrifice, why will they cut their children off from participating in the so called street protest?

Have you ever think what they are really fighting for?

Dont you think why the same Dino who chaired the instillation of Bello is also the same fighting him?

Have you ever think on how their face off started?

Have you ever see their children arguing anywhere in this course?

Actually, they are all deceiving us which are always the victims of their fights. Dino said he is fighting for the masses. That he is fighting in the interest of the civil servants. Bello said he want to make life comfortable for the masses. He want to give a conducive atmosphere to the masses.
If you believe them,you are being doomed because they are just bird of a feather. If Senator Dino who said during the inauguration of Bello that “WE(APC) ARE HERE TO MAKE HISTORY “, now engaged in tussle of power with the Governor. Is this kind of history they came to make? They are just setting division on our sides. Distracting our attention from their public exploitation through blame games.

The rift started when Bello turned down the candidate of Senator Dino as Deputy Governor of the state. This made Dino to distant himself from the Governor few months from the administration. Later, the rift escalated when Dino declared himself in 2016 as the leader of APC in the state which led to exchange of words between him and the Governor’s aide. The aides to the Governor replied that the party recognized the sitting governor which is Bello as the party leader of the state. This made Dino to move side to the masses by using the incompetency of the governor agaist him thereby pulling public recognition to appear as saint. IT IS ALL ABOUT POLITICAL SUPERIORITY AND THE FAITH OF NEXT ELECTION

In reality, both of them are on the same page of failure. The governor held his people hostage through salary deprivation while Dino held his constituency hostage through pocket empowerment.

My advice to them is that the failure of one is the failure of the other. All the party members both state and National collaborated to instilled Bello as the Governor of the state. They should stop their blame game and do what is expected of them. The same party stakeholders that collaborated in 2015 to instilled Bello as governor should also collaborate the same way to make things work out effectively in the state. They should stop these political games and make life easy for us.

My advice to the ignorant youths who will take side for penny should know that we will always be the victim of their dirty games. They neither lose any of their children during the course nor their loves ones. You represent a single soul like them, so dont undermine yourself with penny. See them as bird of a feather. See them as liars. You may be brainwashed and blindfolded not to see their true person but know that both of them have responsibilities towards you.
The Governor is not paying salaries.
Dino is not discharging his constituency duties.

The governor is looting the state.
Dino is looting his constituency.
APC is looting, killing and oppressing the state through their representatives. The party cannot disengage themselves because they master minded everything.

Even the masses have also failed the masses. If truly we are one Nigeria irrespective of tribe, religion and state, why cant the National body of labour union compel the governors to pay their workers. I think and believe that if the Labour congress shut down the Nation in solidarity with their members suffering in some states, their members will be liberated. The labour congress can do this but corruption and greed have becloulded their thinking.


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