Instability In The Acadiosocio-Political Economy Of Nigeria -By Abdulsalam Toyeeb Opeyemi

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Life in an unstable Acadiosociopolitical-economy in a country like Nigeria is very difficult as average people find it not easy to feed and live a standard life and this is due to the fact that majority of our leaders are visionless, corrupt, inhumane, hard-hearten and they have turned politics to a business enterprise rather than an institute for national sacrifice.

Honestly it is only when one is not in his right sense that one would be able to figure out a passionate politician free of corruption, non bias and wish to serve this nation whole-heartedly. The fund for Washington D.C based non-profit, non-governmental research and educational institution ranked Nigeria a political unstable nation. This is so dishearten as a country that proud herself on name, ‘Giant of Africa’ under my foot. A coward little giant.

Nigeria ranked 3rd in the world poverty index shows that we are really suffering despite the enormous resources giving to us by God. Our leaders are failing in all ramification of every sector thus affecting the Acadiosocio-economy. Politica offices are now a profit organization in which everyone wish to attain by every possible means without any aim of national interest rather individual self interest. If not profitable you will not see politicians funding political thugs in a view to gain political power. In an unstable political country where politicians in their quest to gain power without any aim of serving the nation don’t be amused that there would be high rate of unemployment, visionless leaders, low standard of living, poverty, violation of human right and crime rate which all are present here in Nigeria.

Our academic institute is now already in a shore to permanent devastation as many tertiary institutions are locked even before ASUU national strike. It is only in Nigeria a politicians would be as cool as cucumber before election and after winning the election he would be as destructive as a rattle snake 🐍. During their campaigns they will promise heaven if voted for but after winning election they would neglect their promises and give us hell telling we the Citizens, it was party manifesto and political strategy. In a research by The Possible World International, a non-profit organization founded by me I discovered it is only in Nigeria the new born baby looks every here and there later come out sad it was further noted that the foetus do communicate with nurses involve in delivery that which Country is this? And sometimes when there is no light he already know this is Nigeria. Funny but a frank research.

I don’t think I have ever heard United State House in Abuja but I am familiar with Abuja house in London. All this are causing a great anathema to this country name in the globe. The central Intelligence Agency ranked Nigeria among the country with many unemployed Nationals. This is not a surprise to me as our national money are being shared by sect of nuisance constitute in the national house. Foreign investors find it difficult to invest in Nigeria as Electricity is not stable, Roads are ‘chocolate’ and some are pot holes, if not for God giving us natural light we would have been in darkness all days in Nigeria. The cybercrime rate of Nigeria has been ranked 3rd in the world for ‘419’. We can’t blame forth the Yahoo guys as some are graduates without job and an adage says ‘an idle hand is the devil’s workshop’. Attest below is an audio of a 419 conversation

Security meant to protect the citizens are now terrorists killing the citizens they meant to protect this is a result of chronic corruption in every sector. Police lock and kill people by branding them criminals, our Judges jail the innocent and exonerate criminals. What a ill nation?.

In the same premise, the 2017 index of Economic freedom still rank Nigeria mostly unfree of Economy. Our economy has been bastardized without any permanent solution and even if there is a solution to it the reformers are not yet born.

I would have suggested our tax system to provide a permanent solution to the lingering issue of instability in this country as Minister of Finance suggested some months ago but the question is payment of tax by who? Is it he unemployed Citizens that will pay tax or those that live with many infrastructural facilities?. Tax for a citizen that live below one US dollar finding it difficult to feed and survive. The only possible way out now is to reduce political stakeholders remulniration and salaries.

You don’t lead people by hitting them on head,that is assault not leadership. Nigerians are dying of hunger. Don’t be flabbergasted if you just wake up one fateful day to find out that these rickety fleshbody on two legs have sold this whole nation. We need a stable economy, we are tired of imminent ill revolution.

Abdulsalam Toyeeb Opeyemi (Dr. Possible) is a concerned citizen that would not keep mute until stability is a phenomenon of all sector in Nigeria.