Insurgency And The Diminishing Manpower Productivity in Nigeria.

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There has been some argument in some quarters as a result of the massive traffic experienced by commuters on various roads as a result of the actions of insurgents amongst Nigerians. Although, it will be very difficult to make a fuss about something you have little or no knowledge about, since the masses are not privy to the amount of information Nigerian military posses at this time, the citizens can only try to cooperate with them as they fight to secure the country from domestic terrorism.

Since that faithful morning when the earth stood still and the reckless Boko Haram insurgents massacred and unleashed unforgettable mayhem on the people of Nyanya, a suburb close to the city center of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria. The traffic situation has increased in various suburbs and satellite towns leading to the major city as a result of stop and search by the military men. Some people have also suggested that the same security checkpoint should be mounted in Kubwa roads, Mpape, Gwagwalada etc. every major road that will lead to the Federal Capital Territory, the city of power. Similar situations are obtainable in states like; Yobe, Borno and Bauchi State.

The situation is causing great tension and panic across the country. The common man on the street does not know what to expect anymore, whether or not his life will be cut shot by the minute. The psychological trauma is so heavy on workers and it is definitely taking its toll on every individual on the street who are feeling unprotected right now, especially from the recent event at Chibok in Borno State, where 200 children within the age of 17 and 18 were abducted and the military came up with a deceptive story of their recovery, only for the people of Nigeria to wake to the reality that they are yet to be discovered.

Approximately, 83.5% of the people who work in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria resides outside Abuja. They come from neighbouring towns and suburbs in search of means of survival. With the current traffic situation at every turn in the country, this means that majority of that population have to wake as early as 4.00am to beat the traffic to work and close on time before the traffic starts building up, hence this has made the entire workforce at the affected areas to waste better work hour on the road and even while in the office, their full concentration cannot be counted upon, since their thoughts are consumed by fear of what is going to happen next in this long episode of domestic attack, thereby, decreasing their daily to monthly output.

However, true as it seems that the military are trained for times like this and have great access to classified information absent from the public knowledge, but I still think the traffic congestion is an opportunity for the insurgents to have large population in one place to attack. Nigeria must be careful, even as the military go about their processes towards ensuring citizens and properties are protected.

God bless Nigeria!