Interview With A Nigerian: Do You Think Nigeria Need Foreign Help As Regards Boko Haram?

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From every corner of the country, Nigerians have been calling on the government to solicit for help from the international community regarding the insurgent terrorist group known as Boko Haram. The call is divided as not every Nigerian wants this. Today, we spoke with a Nigerian on the issue and other issues bordering on the problems in Nigeria as well as their solutions.


OpinionNigeria: Do we need foreign hand as regards Boko Haram?

Gloria Onah: In my candid opinion, yes! What’s happening here is no worse than what’s happening in CAR, Dr Congo, Sudan, Somalia etc. If we have nine soldiers assisting to keep peace in other countries, we shouldn’t be too proud to ask for help. This is obviously beyond our government and military capacity.

OpinionNigeria: Other countries including the United States respects the Nigerian soldiers more than highly because of their expertise in issues of this nature. What if there are some implications in soliciting for foreign help? There’s sabotage even amongst our top government officials and this is the major reason they still elude the authorities. What alternative measure do we have if foreign help is not a better alternative?

Gloria Onah: The other alternative is to have the military take over power! Nigeria is not ripe for democracy because:

1. It’s too expensive
2. It’s filled with too much dialogue and no action
3. During the military regime we were able to curb other radical sects like meitasine. Honestly, am tired of this country.

OpinionNigeria: WOW! I really can’t help but shouting WOW! Military takeover?

In all candidness, do you really think that military dispensation is better than democracy? Yes I agree that with them, discipline is restored and people get to behave but, remember also, that our voice is LOST and our rights becomes their rights.

The expensiveness of Democratic rule isn’t with the practice but with the instrument that manages the practice. Leadership is messed up truly, but when you leave, who will stay to put things right?

Gloria Onah: Only people who are alive can bother about freedom of speech! We struggle to stay alive in this country. What’s the need of democracy when the people to be governed get killed everyday?Tell me, is democracy for the living or for the dead? The price for democracy is too much! Do we have to pay with our blood? Enough is enough!

OpinionNigeria: I admire Nigerians a lot. For one, they are really good at talking but never ever good with action translation. Tell me, do you think Nigerians can actually effect this change and between revolution and breakup, which will you pick and why?

Gloria Onah: Funny enough, my answer is break up!

1. The country is too large to be governed by one single head
2. There’s too much disparity in culture, tradition and ideology. The saying “unity in diversity” is utterly false. There’s too much of mutual distrust
3 The amalgamation was a terrible mistake Lugard made.

The only dilemma will be that people like me from the middle belt: where will we be thrown to? North or south?

OpinionNigeria: What if in countering your points I say:

1. Nigeria is just about 170 million. How about countries like the U.S with a population of about 300 million and China with about 1.3 billion people, India etc. and these countries are been managed by just one head?

2. The disparity in culture isn’t actually the issue but tolerance of other culture. Most countries in the world have different culture but they’re cohabiting just fine.

3. Yes its a very big mistake because the North have never wanted to be part of Nigeria but, are the leaders generated since after Lugard foolish? Why haven’t they been able to find a fix to the problem?

Well as for your concern on the middle belters, they will make their choice just as the people of Crimea in Ukraine did.

OpinionNigeria: But breakup? Do you think is gonna be an easy Knut to crack?

Gloria Onah: Truth be said, its gonna be difficult to break up. Obviously some people are itching to go. My point is, if the marriage is not working, why allow people suffer? This union is becoming unmanageable and unbearable! I think the northerners have always wanted out of this country, same as the Biafrans. Let’s grant dis pple their wish so that peace can reign.

OpinionNigeria: I had to think deep before responding to your last response on the breakup talk. Considering what’s going on and the hopefulness of the one who lead (President Jonathan), don’t you think Nigerians should have a little faith?

Also, do you actually think that the chaos is as a result of culture disparity or political contraption?

Gloria Onah: I grew up in the north, I currently reside in the south, the north is a better place to live but I have always suffered religious, ethnic and cultural segregation while staying up north. Faced with the deadly crisis of Bauchi in 1991 and religious bias while schooling in Zaria. Coexistence in principle is a beautiful idea but like you rightly said, politicians are using people against each other and making us see our differences rather than our point of unity. That apart, we are all made to understand and see our differences right from childhood. We have all being brainwashed into seeing ouselves as different; its going to be hard to change that mentality and orientation

OpinionNigeria: So have we reach an impasse in Nigeria today? No more hope?

Gloria Onah: Sadly bro, the situation is hopeless

OpinionNigeria: You are cynical about the survival of Nigeria, you are hopeful that things will be okay if the military takeover, you gave Mr President a solid advise, one that his numerous aides can’t give him. Why then do you not want the world to know about your opinion on the Nigerian issue?

Gloria Onah: My opinion like that of many other Nigerians have never counted and will never count. All we ever do is talk the talk but no body will heed to the talk. What does it matter anyways???

OpinionNigeria: Your opinion and that of others may not count right now, but it sure will count someday and also, remember that it used to be worst than this before but because Nigerians now talk, they fear for our voices and they fear for our unknown actions. So, your voice, your opinion makes the difference!

Assuming the President is reading our discussion right now, what would you say to him?

Gloria Onah: This is a billion dollar question…. Be hard on the insurgents, stop being diplomatic. Act now. Undermine the people putting sentiment before patriotism. Fish out the bad eggs. I know Mr President know this people: the illusion that the insurgents are “faceless” is false. Seek help Mr President. If you can’t, do the most honourable thing: declare a state of emergency and allow the military take over. #laughing#

OpinionNigeria: Thank you Gloria Onah for your time. Your opinion will be published on OpinionNigeria platform

So you’ve heard from a fellow Nigerian, what’s your take on the issue?