Is Buhari Charged To Extinguish The Igbos?

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If there is one thing i know regarding the agitation of the Igbos as far as their Biafran struggle is concerned, is that they pursue it non-violently. As much as they try to do this within the ambit of the law, Nigerian government always go after them with violence and threats. Number can no longer be put to the many lives that have been lost in the past, and today.

Yesterday, SEVEN lives were lost in Anambra State as they came out to conduct a peaceful procession. Police, Army and the Navy, opened fire and killed seven on the spot, injuring THIRTY. What sort of government instruct the killing of unarmed citizens of a country? President Muhammadu Buhari in his appointed so far clearly gave credence to the long outcry that he’s out to do to the Igbos, what he didn’t finished doing to them during the Nigeria-Biafra civil war. Take a good look at the photos below and ask yourself, is this human? That we are not from the East doesn’t mean we should let some of this things to go unchecked or unreported. The more we allow things like this to continue, the more we are further divided and the more peace will elude Nigeria.

police kill biafrans

The Igbos have never declared a caliphate, they have never carried arm against Nigeria post-Biafra war, but the Nigerian government continue to harass and slaughter them like their life don’t matter. The Buhari government is seriously considering amnesty to Boko Haram, an Islamic group that have killed thousands of Nigerians, destroyed properties, killed foreign citizens and declared caliphate in Nigeria, but for the Biafrans, a non-violent group, the security forces of this country is launched after them for a complete cleansing, is that how much they are hated by the like of Buhari and his compatriots?

The group holding their meeting

A stitch in time saves nine Mr President, if this particular people should lift up arms again, it will be more than the experience of 1967 and they will fight to finish, with support from various groups as well as countries of the world. Lead every Nigeria and not a section of Nigeria, that’s your duty as the president of Nigeria.