Is China Warming Up To Colonize Africa?

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Jeff Okoroafor

Jeff Okoroafor

Many in the past have questioned the Chinese intention in Africa, a lot still question it today. Questions that was asked many years was ignored and so, i am bringing back again; IS CHINA BUYING UP AFRICA? China right now is pouring billions of dollars into the continent and taking every bit of it, with huge interest back to China and leaving behind, Chinese nationals to man their investments. They are almost controlling the oil sector of most African nations with oil. They run bridges, do road constructions, install and power stadiums, you name it. One example is the Headquarters of the African Union, which is perhaps the most important political building on the continent, was built entirely with the Chinese money, every last brick of it, to the tune of $200 million.

As it stands, china has passed the U.S to become Africa’s biggest trading partners. I ask again, how important is Africa to the Chinese? Two weeks after the present Chinese president was sworn into office, he took the next flight touring African countries. He went to South Africa, Tanzania, Congo etc. Africa is the fastest, largest growing continent with huge mineral reserves, so obviously there’s money to be made, but does the Chinese want more? Some African experts have said that it is another form of colonialism of Africa’s hated past about repeating itself again in our modern times. Below is a quote from former Central Bank of Nigeria governor, Lamido Sanusi:

“China takes our primary goods and sells us manufactured ones. This was also the essence of colonialism… Africa is now willingly opening itself up to a new form of imperialism.” -Lamido Sanusi.

What i don’t understand is why with all the resources and professional talents that resides in Africa, the continent have steadily and efficiently refused to save itself. There are renowned economists in and from around Africa. There are expert professionals, millionaires, great African agriculturists, scientists, technologists, you name it, yet, the few development that comes into Africa are brought in by foreigners, the Chinese. Can’t Africans handle their own business? Can’t we set up our own refineries and refine our own oil? Can’t we use our own engineers to build our own roads, houses, estates? Can’t we set up our own industries and manufacture our own products instead of depending on other peoples product or expertise? We have come a long way, we have what they have and we can do what they do. Lets drop the political correctness bullshit, put aside this draining cancer called corruption, and figure out together, how to grow Africa.

If we don’t want a modern day slavery, from China or any other country today, we must get our acts together, properly harness our human and natural resources for the betterment of our continent. The onus lies in the hands of our leaders. We the people, must hold them accountable and make them transparent.