It is time to call a spade a spade

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Government officials in the past has accused Nigerians of shouting out and objectifying lapses or any form of negativity on their path, either through the media or social networking sites. For many days after flood descended on some States in the country and claimed ownership of houses of Nigerians, i have calmly waited to see what government reactions will be in terms of providing succour to these people, but unfortunately, up till this very moment, i have not been able to see something serious from there path.

Our government are always known for pointing out what exist in foreign countries whenever it sooth’s them, it however surprises me that they have not applied what foreign countries do to help their citizens in similar situations. When i saw that what some government agencies did was to send in bags of rice to the victims of the flood, i was very furious and visibly angry with them. Why will people’s houses be drowning in heavy waters and all the government can do is ship bags of rice to them? From where will they seat to cook these rice? What about maggi, oil, onion and other ingredients that makes a complete meal? Will these items be provided for them as well?

Even a child knows that a serious, effective and proactive president should have visited these flooded areas, if for nothing, to let the people know that he cares and that help is on the way. Asking them to transition themselves to high-land areas isn’t going to make the situation safer. The high-land areas they are been asked to go to, are people not already occupying them? Are they going to ask those living there to leave there houses for them? What money are they going to use to transport themselves to the “high-land” areas?
Where are the Nigerian armed forces? Who are supposed to move in to help evacuate these people from the troubled waters. Where are the Red Cross, who are supposed to be stationed there, providing medical aides to these people?

The angle government officials have taken is to lie to millions of Nigerians on issues that are of public interest. They speak on National Television, telling Nigerians that things are okay when it is obvious that things are getting worst by the day. They organise Town Hall Meetings and setup questions they claim, comes from the public. They station their own media team who are tasked with the responsibility of talking ill and negatively challenging individuals who speak bad of the government. This is the kind of government we have in today’s Nigeria.

It was discovered that some dangerous animals like crocodile, hippopotamus, snake etc were flown in by the flood. What this tells me is that the lives of the affected victims of the flood are not safe, because since some of them have no where to go to, they made a small living camp beside the heavy and dangerous water.

I am suggesting to the government to provide a quick, healthy and safe camp, with required aides in terms of food, medical care etc for these people, before thinking of a better alternative to that measure. They should in short, medium and long term, begin to put up a proper infrastructure program that will be able to hold back flood now and in the future, for the safety of all Nigerians.