It’s all about Syria.

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Ever since the uprise in Syria began on 15th of March 2011, the international community including Nigeria, have been monitoring from afar, the proceeding and the pattern of crisis in that region and, has got variety of opinion in this regard. Be that as it may, little or nothing has been done to quell the situation and bring normalcy back to Syria. In all these happening, one thing that recently has began to border me is the media hype that have trailed two heads of a superpower nations, President Vladimir Putin of Russia and President Barack Obama of the United States of America.

For some time now this two has been having a difference of opinion on whether or not the Syrian government whom America said based on solid intelligence gathering, use Chemical Weapons on innocent citizens, be strike. I have read on various internationally recognized platforms as well as seen various trends on social media, where lots of networks are speculating and making analysis on circumstance that might lead to America going into war with Russia. Something most of them said may lead to third world war.

I don’t know on what platform these people who think in this manner stand on, but from where I stand, the world as it is today already has its hand filled with problems that needs solutions. The media right now, unlike in time past, has got power beyond anyone’s control and I think it will be better if they use it positively rather than trying to instigate war among countries.

Russia and America or any other country at that is bound to agree and/or disagree on issues, that doesn’t make them enemy or warrant war, it makes them diplomats and human. Every network today, whether on the television, radio or the Internet, wants to be the first to release according to them, “breaking news”, something I refer to as “negative news” because that’s what it is. Turn on your television, radio or fire up your browser to surf the net in the morning, the first thing you hear or read about is negative news, bad news, something that get you started with worry and thinking, not something that inspires you. This shouldn’t be the case. Yes we want to sell, we want to be the most popular but we should do it with some level of decency.

Where ever we are today, whatever we do, know that this issue isn’t about Russia or America, it’s all about Syria and the innocent lives that are wasted on daily basis, the world shouldn’t just stand-by and watch, they should do something to bring lasting peace in Syria.