Its Been 12 Days, Where Is Isiaka Yusuf (@CIAXON)

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ishiaka yusuf

I am sure that by now a lot of Nigerian social media users are trading carefully. Some have even stopped Facebooking, Tweeting or doing Linkedin, all for the fear of been picked up by members of the State Security Service. The very people i publicly defended a few days ago when they were calling for their heads on a spike.

It is a shame, and a very big one at that, to have Nigerian security personnels chasing around innocent and harmless Nigerians when the big threat is still out there thinking of the next place to strike. When exactly has it become a crime in Nigeria to post pictures on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media for that matter? Did Mr Isiaka give any wrong information to the public with his Twitter post? Was it not what happened that he posted?  Why is the government treating Nigerians as if they are SECOND CLASS CITIZENS? Go ahead and tell me is a matter of national security and i will tell you categorically that its not. Time and time again we’ve seen reporters giving live narrative reports of war in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. What Ishiaka did isn’t so different.

If the security personnels are disciplined and responsive to the law guiding them (in this days, if any), they’d know that they have no right to hold a suspect or whatever name they have tagged him, for more than two days let alone twelve days, without contacting his people to know at least that he’s still alive. I am very sure that before yesterday, the family must have thought the worst about his disappearance. The SSS are even denying that Ishiaka Yusuf is in their custody. Here is what the SSS Assistant Director, Public Relations, Marilyn Oga, said, “I do not even know who you are talking about. I picked your call because I thought it was someone in distress.” What does this tell you Nigerians?

I am definitely sure that Mr Ishiaka is just like the average tweeps out there whose only target is to gather followers for the fun of it and nothing more. Probably he felt that giving such a livetweet will earn him a good number of followers without having to work so hard for it. I mean, what do the security guys want to know or hear from him, he has an identity, he has a place of work and am sure in that place of work, he has a boss whom he reports to. Can’t this guys adopt a much more productive way of interviewing a suspect than embarrassing, humiliating and maiming someone?

If the freedom of Nigerians must be protected, if you must be free enough to use your twitter, facebook and other social network account without fear or having to look over your shoulder, you have to join hands and begin a frantic search of Mr Ishiaka Yusuf. HIS FREEDOM MEANS YOUR FREEDOM TOO!