It’s God’s World -By Kehinde Oluwatosin B.

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Kehinde Oluwatosin B.

And it came to pass as I walk along the walk way meant for non car owners I saw a mother lying on the pave helplessly with a her child. Immediately I put it to God to look at his world ,the world he created, “how come the world you created and called good after the seventh day became this degenerated?” I asked him why he has become helpless both in cases of evil and of need? For he has spared the greed of the corrupt, the transducers of hopes and yet did not not do anything about the poverty of the poor.

I did all that mental masturbation not knowing I was a few minutes away from experiencing one of the evil in God’s world.

I sat in the middle of a four seat chair in a yellow bus ,to prevent boredom of that daunting journey, I brought out my phone to switch to a radio channel and in my eye and consciousness I heard a slap on my hand similar to the slap of the rain on the roof top, it was a chaotic sound, and immediately my phone wasn’t in my hand anymore.

It was the first time I would encounter such mastery and genius in robbery, to collect a phone from a person not sitting by the window from outside in a moving vehicle was simply telepathic.

As expected I was cold for the rest of my journey home, because the worth of my mobile cannot be quantified with a price. The phone for me isn’t only an object of entertainment but rather a repository of knowledge.

I hail the miscreant that stole my phone for mastering the art of stealing, I can only wish him success in his subsequent endeavors. I have tried as much as possible to remain immovable at the acts of men because men have transcended from a moral state where consequences is a deterrent for evil to that which consequences as a deterrent no longer imposes fear.

I retrieved my phone line as expected but every process that went into the retrieval exploited my situation, from the network provider who was asking me information which have been collected and collated in the past, to the court who charged me highly for an affidavit,everyone did their bit of leveraging.

I did not get angry, I only told God, “it’s your world”. A world where evil has consistently won and hence provided an incentive to attract even good men.

I choose not to think about all that happened and but rather got myself a book titled “the world’s greatest unresolved crimes” by Roger boar & Nigel blundell, I did that because it’s God’s world.

Kehinde Oluwatosin Babatunde is a prolific writer and public speaker.

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