Joy Isi Bewaji Is A Wrong Case Of Feminism -By Adegoke Adeola

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Joy Isi Bewaji


Feminism in Nigeria’s context is quite different from the outright definition generally accepted by the wider scope around the world and to show the path for this meaningful argument comes in Nigerian feminists and their group of followers. Feminism stands for equal right for men and women, an ideology that sets its foot in this day society because of the basic neglect of women from the helms of power in all the basic unit that holds a society. There are various questions that has been asked about how discriminatingly the females are treated in comparison with their male counterparts. Two players of the same caliber plays tennis and the resulting award of excellence comes in different measure as that of the male weighs more than that of the female.

If as done in the world realm is the main argument of feminism done in Nigeria, it would have been a great idea from the onset. In the Nigerian scenario, there are some leading figures who stands for the modern birth of feminism thereby creating a certain sense of roar among the less privileged ones. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie stands for feminism but for once she has never gotten the definition of feminism wrong even though she might have actually supported her arguments with some invalid examples and points.

Many Nigerian ladies having gotten a Facebook page, a twitter account, some instagram followers and a few hundreds of likes on a post will then see that as an opportunity to express how they feel about their homes which had been kept hidden for many years before stumbling upon this public figures’ posts about feminism as a case which needs to be addressed. They put their stories under their shoes and step up to cook up lies about how they as female figures are being maltreated in the society. They won’t listen to the side story of Chimamanda, the leading player’s home and family. How she indefinitely respects her husband and cares for her home, how she seeks advices from her husband before taking steps, how she doesn’t go to a public place to display how sharp her tongue is in hurling abuses. These ladies doesn’t even care to ask the questions that how many of these leading feminists goes about doing all these things they preach in their home?

In the shadow different from that of Chimamanda, Joy Isi Bewaji is one of the many feminists that argues beautifully but blindly about feminism and its societal stakes. Yes, she doesn’t want to go into other peoples’ marriages because she doesn’t live that life with them. Speaking against Titi on the topic Feminism on TVCnews hit live show, Big issues as a debater, Joy Isi Bewaji excused herself from talking about other people’s marital affairs in trying to point out the harms of feminism in the society. It has been rumored that Joy’s relationship is not working out as there are exposures from the man’s side how Joy has not been capable of handling her relationship like she handles her social media rants. What can we say when all these are just baseless rumors as they will say but the viewers of the big issue where Isi Bewaji was a debater will actually believe that part if not all what the rumor states about her is really correct.

I watched the live show myself and I had the opportunity of watching the highlight again. How Joy handles her co debater in the sense of partial argument is totally unprofessional. She dig insulting gestures towards the onlookers and even at times verbally to Titi. She questioned with the word ordinary as to how an ordinary researcher will know about feminism, how a student blogger whose contribution is not matured enough.

The host of the show, Femi Akande wasn’t left untouched, what more should we say about someone whose home is not stable or whose sense of respect has waned maybe as a result of the so called ‘Nigerian Feminism’ in opposition to the general world’s definition at large. At large, Joy Isi Bewaji is a wrong tone for feminism if the mentality of these young Nigerian ladies is to be straightened towards what the real feminism preaches.