…Just A Little Push -By Edith Jeff-Okoroafor

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Oftentimes we are forced to focus on difficult moments in life. This saps most, if not all of our energy. It feels as though it lasts, would last or has lasted an entire lifetime. That’s not true. If we precondition our minds to enjoy positivity, it would be easier to discover that the not-so-good moments actually were and are short-lived. The crucial question remains, what’s our chosen attitude towards harrowing situations? Oh yes! It is the adjective that makes the difference.

The act of looking forward to breakthroughs can be frustrating, especially if we find ourselves in unbearable circumstances- we just can’t wait to get out of the situation. The painfully amusing part of it all is that we are clueless when the breakthrough would show up; else the season of waiting would have been easier to bear.


Edith Jeff-Okoroafor


Consider this particular woman in labour. All she looks forward to is having her baby. She however does not know the exact time this would be, and has to endure the pains of labour…until the set time. If she pushes before time, it can be injurious to herself and the baby. If she screams, she loses strength for the final push. Now for experienced mothers, they know to conserve some amount of strength for the final push…even while embracing the hierarchical pain. (God help us). So, she wisely manages the pain to enable her get to the finishing line, albeit unknown. On arrival, she takes a deep breath; she knows she has to do this. She gives it all she’s got. She pushes three times, and decides to take a break. Unknown to her, the baby’s head was already out, thanks to the good dose of Lidocaine. But just as she is about taking a rest from the third push, the doctor urges on, “No, push”! She takes a quick breath to give it another go and voila! The baby is pulled out in a second. It was only half a push. The push that mattered most cost her far less.

The Point?

All trying moments have a cessation date, if you persevere. Hope. Believe that someday and in some way, you would have the breakthrough you long for. You have “laboured” for hours, days, weeks, years. Keep doing what you can to manage the situation. Try your hands on other lower arms of your passion. You are closer to your breakthrough than you think. Like the woman in labour, hear the voice of the “doctor” urging you on. When you finally arrive your expected destination, (which you will always know as it happens) all that might be required of you could be just half the effort… just a little push!