Killing is a ridiculous way of controlling world’s population.

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The population of people all over the world has skyrocketically risen over the years with little or no measure of a more logical ways to regulate or provide equal resources to match such increase. Ideas has been formed, concepts generated and logics drawn on how to put into check, world population growth, with no functional method to its effect. As it stands today, the number of people clocks within the neighbourhood of seven billion, a number which professionals feel is a big threat to human sustainability and which in a long run, will be human greatest undoing.

There has been series of ignored arguments and unconcealed rumour trailing top secret organizations around the world on their plan for population control. Dangerous drugs have been sent out to many nations that if taken by women, seal their womb and if taken by men, render them impotent. One child to one family practice has been engineered by many country leaders even HIV, as many claim, has been used a strategy to this purpose. The new plan according to some individuals is bomb blast.

A little over 362 minutes ago, the United States of America was hit by two heavy blasts in Boston Marathon. 82 people were injured and 4 dead. Two minutes immediately after the blasts, President Barack Obama announce that it’s no longer a war left to the democrats nor the republicans alone, but for the entire people of America to fight, and that they will do their best to find out from where the attack originated from and why the Boston Marathon as their target. A remarkable statement by a remarkable leader in moments of remarkable trials and challenges.

The war waged against the Nigerian people by the faceless group of Islamic fanatics known as Boko Haram as many say, has an international affiliations, the secret organizations’ plan to reduce population. The blast has kept on coming, count of dead bodies’ pile the streets and perpetrators make merry as they successfully complete their masters plan. Egypt, China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, DR Congo, Kenya, Russia and many other countries are not left out. Violence, bomb blasts and social unrest rock them all, the secret organizations has vowed not to stop their activities until there is a reasonable reduction in the world’s population to at least three billion.

Intelligence group claims that the rumour is unfounded and geared towards instilling fear in people. With the so many negative happenings in the world today, and the nature at which countries, world power countries struggle to stay on top, one will not be wrong to say that there is an atom of fire that accompanies the planted smoke.

Whatever the case maybe, whether or not such plans exist, it’s very wrong and a sin in the sight of God for anyone to attempt the wiping out of a great number of people in order to control the population. We have to be careful not to attract the wrath of God, life and death, are Gods right, not ours.