Killings in Nasarawa State: Governor deserves to be punished.

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Self formed camp of some displaced people in Nasarawa State

Self formed camp of some displaced people in Nasarawa State

As an eye-witness was recounting the entire real life story to me, i couldn’t help but hold myself tight and imagine. I imagined how disturbing it could be, how painful and traumatic site the incessant killing will be to children. An old woman who saw the Biafra war once said that whenever she watches movie with bullets flying around, she quickly run inside to hide. That was how the Biafra war affected her, imagine little children in Nasarawa State who are witnessing this killing, imagine the trauma it will place in them, just imagine.

According to many, especially the villagers there, it all started one early morning when one of them went to answer nature call in their usual location, but on getting there, the road was blocked by unknown men who look to them like Fulani cattle rearers. They ran back to the villager, informing some of their elders who immediately wore their shirts to go see for themselves. On getting there, immediately they set eyes on them, they, the “Fulani men” open fire on them, shooting not sporadically on air but directly on them. This, according to them, was how it all began.
No explanation whatsoever as to what their crime or offense are. Many months back, even up to this moment, we feared the dreaded attacks by islamic sect known as Boko Haram, today, the people of Nasarawa State not only run for the fear of Boko Haram but fulani cattle men in Soldier uniforms.

The attack didn’t just end there, they pursued them from village to village, killing as much as they can while advancing, as it stand today, over 75,500 people have lost their homes and a total of 183 people dead in the clash. It became a clash after the villagers felt its better they stand up to defend themselves rather than be killed where they stand or run as the case maybe.

In all this, the question is, where is the state governor, governor Al-makura? Was he part of the running villagers? Was he among those killing and maiming the villagers? Did he travel out of the State or perhaps the country during this notorious killings? Is he dead? The answer to these questions is a big NO. He is hiding inside the government house, barricade himself with Army who wade off the villages from coming close to the governors house.

It could be manageable that an unknown person rejects you, but your own governor rejecting you in moments of trials, challenges and danger is ridiculous, callous, inhuman and mentally incapacitating. I don’t know what your thought on this will be, but for me, i see it as a setup by the governor and his cliques. The governor knows exactly who those people are, in fact, he sent them to carry out such barbaric and devilish attack on innocent villagers.
I listen to a man whose family are in Nasarawa as this killing and running is going on. He said he has sent to his mother, the sum of NGN280,000 just for to be able to find away out of Nasarawa State. Banks were shutdown, markets closed, road blocked, businesses frozen, life meaningless. The only meaning life in Nasarawa State now could possibly be that of the governor.

What manner of leader leave his people to suffer and die? What manner of leader allow his State to be invaded by so-called cattle rearers and runs to the house to hide? Our media is weak, loose and nonfunctional. How many people even within Abuja knows about this on-going killing? They carry there camera, pursuing politicians and celebrities in the country, they are shame to the profession. Thank God for Ordinary Ahmed Isah of Brekete Family, voice of the voiceless, who  has repeatedly voiced out and publicly attacked the senseless governor of the troubled State.

This is not just a political setup, but one with ojoro in it. The governor deserves to be punished for his actions.