Leaders and corruption syndrome -By Olakunle Oligbinde

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The social values in Nigeria have degenerated to an abysmal level and proportion, especially under the last administration. These vices make every leader in any position and level to wantonly engage in any form of corruption without shame.

It is disheartening that the corruptive syndrome has systematically turned out to be the norm in our society, especially among the political class irrespective of party affiliation.

This trend has turned even our state governors into beggars out of their sheer profligacy in their inability to manage their resources well. The bailout recently given to state governments by President Muhammadu Buhari has set a bad precedent and encouraged more corruptive tendency among the governors.

Certainly, nobody asks questions on where our governors invested the Excess Crude oil allocations they share on a monthly basis well.

The change the citizens expected and clamoured for from President Buhari may be futile if the President fails to muster enough courage to probe and prosecute all the guilty Nigerians who illegally enriched themselves and embezzled the public funds.

I strongly believe Buhari will not make his administration’s probe to be biased, prejudicial and sentimental. Nigerians are keenly watching! President Buhari must be trusted by Nigerians as a fearless leader more than his predecessor to fight corruption fearlessly with vigour and honest intention in order to restore the value of honest living and honest leadership.