Let the oil dry up so Nigeria can survive.

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Oil, Black Gold etcetera, we all need them to make our cars work, to power transportation, in encapsulation, to fuel our modern lives. You can point to a number of countries whose richness in oil (even though not as pure as Nigeria’s) have brought them chariots of wealth so much so that it appears they lack what use to channel these wealth to. We have the likes of UEA –The United Arab Emirate, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, China etc. these mentioned countries stand out today in various ways when compared to their counterparts. There economy is strong and reliable, there employment scale is on a balanced beam, recognition in world affairs is paramount etc. Through the gift of oil, they have re-engineered their countries and make other countries of the world to accept of their supremacy.

As these countries whose triumph is magnified from their possession of oil exist, so also there are many other nations whose growth in GDP and balanced employment scale come not from oil but other unharvested sector –Agriculture, Tourism, Entertainment etc.  The big question is, where does Nigeria stand in all this?

From the year 1960 till date, her existence has been built on the threshold of oil, her leaders has unshakingly made her dependence on oil even stronger without considering the dangers of nation having to survive on one source of income year in year out. Without considering the springing of other lucrative sectors that adds to national development as well as the reduction of unemployment. The young ones who have traveled out and return, the not so young who have researched the thickness of other developed nations, the middle minds who have engaged their brain, mind and activism to other developmental areas through the use of modern tool –Internet, cannot single handedly effect the needed change in the country when their leaders are still clouded by the oil in the country.

Everyone in government today is mad when what they call “the oil money” walk pass their table. The fights that often go on, on the floor of the National Assembly is not because the national assembly members care so much about the people, it’s not because they are debating on who is to be the first to provide the best basic and social amenities in the country, or whose bill with huge consideration to the Nigerian people, will first get across the board. But whose oil money is the biggest and why theirs is the smallest.

Despite the unending ideas pouring out from the lips of creative Nigerian minds, the leaders have refused to have a shift from their oil corrupted minds, making it difficult for the country to advance. They have refused to develop other areas of income generating stream because for them, they are making just about enough from oil production so, by the time we all gather to fast and pray for the dry up of the oil in Nigeria, maybe, just maybe, our leaders attention will be diverted to the development of other sectors.

What do you think?