Letter to Nnamdi Kanu -By Micheal A. Adeniyi

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Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)


Dear Biafran Messiah,

I would have been happy if you were born a man of war,  perhaps into the creek like Asari Dokubo or Tompolo or many others who are good with getting what they want with guns but alas you are not,  you are an activist searching for freedom perhaps the Messiah but if you get that freedom have you ever thought of the fact that forces will be in play, that this so call militant leaders will arise against each other,  that Civil War will break loose, I know they call you the Biafran Messiah but you may end up becoming the Biafran devil. I have nothing against you nor your struggle, it is a good thing and in fact that is one of the fundamental of federalism,  but your approach to freedom is bizarre,  sometimes it baffles me if you are actually for the average or poor Biafrans, I still don’t know the motive behind the sit at home order given to those who must work to earn their daily bread(money) while you stay at home to enjoy the money given to you by a former governor,  it would have been an heroic deed if you share the money to those people, at least to feed on, thus as far as am concerned, you have just starved your people and let it be known that the king of the Jews (Christ) fed people out of little. As for the sit at home protest Nigeria did not feel it,  you only halted the Igbos economy, you will only succeed in reducing the Igbo states allocation,  and you will only succeed in destroying the wealth you need for freedom.

Honestly,  you are missing steps to winning a good fight,  the best shot is at your disposal, you are here at a time when every region is calling for restructuring, why not take a step at a time, go for restructuring and if your people cannot successfully govern and satisfy your wants, then your cubicle is not worth to become a nation,  Yes I repeat, if restructuring does not work,  Biafrans will not work.

Let me admonish you don’t think the “Let my people go” phrase can do the magic,  damn it!  you want to be like Moses?  you think there is a promised land to go to? kindly answer it, did Moses get that??? No, God got that freedom for Israel,  pharaoh refused and he even pursued them until he perished,  this was because God had destined freedom for Israel.

Mr Kanu, for drawing out a map for Biafra Republic on states who have refused to be part of Biafra and people who don’t want to be called Biafrans I see you as a collectivist, I  do not consider collectivists as ‘sincere but deluded idealists’. The proposal to enslave some men for the sake of others is not an ideal; brutality is not ‘idealistic’, no matter what its purpose. Never say that the desire to “do good” by force is a good motive. Neither power-lust nor stupidity is a good motive. Again,  you want to disenfranchise the Igbos,  you asked them to destroy their PVC,  to me it sound like destroying my ticket to silverbird cinema and yet I want to watch the movie “freedom at the cinema” it will cost me. It may take years to pay the price, at least that PVC may earn your people an Igbo Presidency.

Finally, let me implore you to retrace your steps and do things right,  as it stands nobody is against you nor Biafra,  you are your own enemy.

Thank you!




5 Responses to Letter to Nnamdi Kanu -By Micheal A. Adeniyi

  1. Yoruba tribe the evil backbiters and original sabos. Am yet to see a single Yoruba person that is honest and reliable and can be depended upon in terms of trust worthiness. They are mostly sabo without shame. Can you imagine someone else taking Panadol for my headache? We as a people the Biafrans don’t need the counsel of the Yoruba if we need one we know exactly where to get it. So Mr Adeniyi or whatever you call yourself please keep your advice to yourself cos you and your people will surely need it when Biafra leaves your zoo (Nigeria) and your blissful marriage with Hausa Fulani starts to sour you can then apply your stupid advice to your situation which I know wont be palatable. You and your people is a disgrace to the human race!!!

    Ezeama Ezekiel
    June 2, 2017 at 12:03 am

    • They are scared stiff at the rapid turn of events and cannot keep up with the new approach to restoration of Biafra, anchored in robust dissemination of the truth by Kanu and the Biafrans through the social and Biafran media. What you now see is their last effort at divide and rule and poisoning the minds of Biafrans. But they are daily being disgraced and disappointed, because the daily occurrences in Nigeria such as the Fulani herdsmen terrorism, the confusion in their polity, and daily hopelessness of those who still subscribe to that contraption all make even the worst Biafran skeptic to have change of mind.

      June 2, 2017 at 1:38 am

  2. Every new nation, and I mean real nation, (not a fake murderous contraption like Nigeria), will face some challenges. But it’s the shared values of those who form that nation and their ability to have a common purpose, aided by the pride and hard work imbued in her citizens, that will see them over come these challenges and pursue their destiny. Biafra has all the potentials to over come what ever challenges she’ll face and still emerge as a light to all of Africa and black race. No amount of negativism will deter the realization of Biafra republic. God bless and guide Nnamdi Kanu towards the restoration of Biafra and continue to put the detractors of this noble venture o shame as you almighty God have been doing at every turn since you raised Kanu to fulfill this your destined purpose.

    June 2, 2017 at 1:26 am

  3. On the platform of social media biafrans has chased the idiotic yorubushit to the abyss, I really don’t know where this one is coming from now again maybe Satan was asleep when this idiot escape to come and open his mouth of cow anus here. No problem we biafrans will still send him back to the camp devil they are.

    prince of prince
    June 2, 2017 at 8:23 am

  4. Bizzare way of thinking and poor writing to put your point across. are you really saying he should pick up arms and fight like Tompolo and Dokunbo?

    Uzoechi Martins
    June 2, 2017 at 10:18 am