Liuz Suarez, the cannibal in the field of play.

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There are some football lovers that are fanatic about the sport, ready to make all the argument in it whether necessary or not, even fight if they have to. For me I have always been an average fan of the said sport, if you must know, I am a huge fan of Manchester United. This write up is about a known player, a Liver Pool player, Lius Suarez, also known as “I must score Suarez”. Ivanovic, the guy that suffered the bite almost ran out of the pitch, he ran to show the bite mark to every players, lines men, referee or anyone who cares to see.

Lius Suarez didn’t just start biting people today; research shows that ever since he was a child, most of his score are settled with bite. When he was 5 years old, he had a fight with one of his friends, same age as he was, before the mother of the boy could show up to separate the both of them, Liuz as he was called, bit the boy so hard in the neck that he was rushed to the hospital. Similar incidence happened when he was 8, 9, 12, 14 and 18. While in his former club, the dude also bit a defender while they were both struggling for ball, after the match he was banned for two weeks.

There were one hundred and twenty-six (126) cameras covering the Liver Pool Chelsea match, what on earth made Suarez to think that he will bite a player and get away without one of the cameras capturing it? With Suarez action in today’s match, it is certain that he took the advice of Breden Rogers, the Liver Pool coach very literally when he told them minutes before the match that he needs “some bites upfront”.

Suarez is a very good and industrious player, one that any club will be lucky to have. Be that as it may, he shouldn’t go around biting anyone that contest ball with him, that what his legs are for, and he’s not been paid on the number of people he could bite in a match. I know a lot of Liver Pool fans will careless the number of people he bites as long as he brings in results. If this guy is not been checked, he will someday bite the referee or his coach.