Making a case for Football Managers around the World.

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José Mourinho gives press conference in Madrid

How did the cookie crumble? Who is the first personnel casualty in footballing world? The manager. Over the years, managers across all level of football management have failed to last difficult time on their respective post, making it difficult to experience longevity in management as well as continuity in footballing philosophy, though the same cannot be said for managers like; Sir Alex Ferguson and Asene Wenger who have experienced more than a decade as a manager in one club side.

Contrary to what other football pundits think –managers receive the clap and all the praises for their tactical advancement in the game and should as well live with the side effect of their magic on the field but I say that is a whole load of illogical conclusion to the men who toil every weekend to bring pleasure to so many homes.

In this 2013/2014 season alone about 15 managerial casualties have already been recorded across major leagues in the world and even in the international scene. All they do is study their opponent, read the game while it’s going on and then dish out instructions from the by-line –These managers do not even kick a ball all through the season. So how come those personnels who execute the game are not axed from the club in the event of a monumental fiasco? Players earn much more than their managers, they win the most prestigious individual accolades, are much celebrated by the rest of the world than the managers are appreciated for an entire season.

All what this incessant change of managers promotes is power shift. The power shifting from managers to players, this goes as far as players ganging up against managers they ordinarily have issues with and sometimes the mangers who benches them for tactical reasons, like the case of AVB at Chelsea football club, and even Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid. Players power grow when clubs develop a knack of changing managers like some underwear; they start dictating to managers the tactics to adopt to suit their individual play, positions to play, and even when to play, like the case with Robin Van Persie who complained bitterly about his team mates getting in his way after the game between Manchester United and Olympiakos, an act he claimed disturbed the rhythm of his game even if he was like every other player on the pitch, very poor. But rather than admit his poor performance, he indirectly blamed the managers tactics like he bought a plot of land on the field of play.

Until the players start having equal treatment as their managers after all it is a team sport and one person should not be singled out for the kill, and until the players start receiving sanctions from the club management as the manager when the teams performance poorly then managers job will be secured and play will always be top notch because no player will want to be disgraced out of the club.