Many sins of men: The rape that shook the world!

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Now to be really sincere with you, I just can’t say if the initial reasons people like me always thought were the cause of rape, still remain the reason today in the dictionary of rapist. We use to think or rather I use to think that rapist are invited by the skimpy dresses their victims often put on but I don’t see that as an enticing attraction to these pathetic characters we have in the world today.

Some of us have probably heard or read about this particular gruesomely damaging rape that took place in India. She is a student, a 23 year old student whose some people will say her only crime was because she is a girl and oh, she also boarded the wrong bus. Six men gathered and raped her one after another, when they were done, they used an iron rod to tear her vagina, small and large intestine came out, they left her to die on the road, naked, wounded, exposed and devastated. The worst of it all was that no one turned to look at her. No one even boarded to throw a shawl on the ill-clad ill-fated. She may never be able to live a normal married life again. She went into comma five times. Was unconscious, critical and wasn’t able to stop crying.


Some of us may after reading this say it serves her right because she probably dressed in a way that invited her rapist or perhaps has been refusing one of them or anything at all. But the reality is, no matter what this young lady did, is not reason enough for her to get such a cruel treatment in the manner she did. She don’t deserve it, no one does. You may say it’s not your business because she’s not your sister, your daughter or somebody close to you or that you know, but it could be. The brutality has to stop guys. If you are so eager to have sex, go get yourself a wife and have it on the change of a clock handle if you will.

Eventually this girl died. Why won’t she, who would ever survive such if not by divine intervention? Rest in Peace and I pray that her killer gets the worst punishment possible.


This doesn’t only happen in India but in every country around the world. Is this how our women should be treated? We are not animals; God didn’t create us as animals. He made us human aside every other things, to be able to differentiate between good from bad. The things that we do today on earth, even if not seen by mankind, we shall all one day, give account of them.