Marriage: Why should i buy a cow if i can get the milk for free?

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Three nights ago i was returning from an evening meeting i had in the Church, the route i took was different from my usual route after close of evening Mass or meeting. As i approached a more lighted area on my way home, i sighted a large crowd, some using their camera phones to capture whatever it was they gathered for, others just stood there watching with there arms folded, while the closest groups were separating what seemed to me a fight. When i got close and ask one of the on-lookers who the fighters were and what the problem was, the answer i got was “na husband and wife, them de accuse each other of something”. Some seconds later had to run-off the scene when buckets and other woundable objects started flying around.

As i settled down to address a topical issue, my phone rang and it was my friend on the other end calling to tell me that he has broken a three months engagement with his intended partner…i will not bore you with the details, but that phone call formed the basis of this write-up.

Christianity has laid down rules and regulations for marriage and has considered marriage an important and essential part of a Christian’s life, making it more of an obligation for people to marry. As interesting and sweet as that may sound, many married couples in our world today find it very difficult living up to the marriage expectations. Love in the beginning is filled with passion, romance, fire and flame. In the early stage of marriage, things are different and sweet. The sex is good, the company is good and the fact that there is very little responsibility makes life very easy for a couple.

In our world today things go the wrong way few years into marriage, the sex disappears, the company becomes sour, the wife turns into a nag, the husband turns into a lazy pile of dirt etc…so why change a thing? If you are getting the milk for free why buy a cow?

Research has it that since 2001, the number of people getting married has continuously been decreasing each year. The number of married people in the 60s was around 82% but today, it is slightly above 41%. Likewise the percentage of divorced people is on the rise.
Do you know that of the 82% that make it to their 5th wedding anniversary only half of those people are likely to make it to their 10th? As times goes on, the chance of longevity in marriage simply decline. The numbers are alarming enough to make people question whether or not people should get married and if so, why?

Not many young people wants to get married today. The men ask why buy a cow if the milk can be gotten for free, in other word, why will they get married and face all the rigours, head and heartache involve in marriage when they can get close to 80% of what marriage offers outside marriage.

So should people get married in this day and age when nothing seems to be permanent or long lasting?