Maximization of the Internet: Lowering business cost and providing employment.

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maximizing the internet

After the onset of the global financial crisis, it has become difficult for companies to hire workers especially those who are unskilled or unable to work due to health issues. Not just this but youth unemployment in both developed and developing countries is still very apparent and this is where countries with Internet availability maximize the visible opportunity. There are various online work platform that gives an emerging income opportunity for those that wish to undertake micro-work and online jobs.
These digital jobs can ranged from anything such as labelling photos, visiting websites or product descriptions to more complex tasks such as movie productions, web design and software development.
The ability to create a global services sector where workers can earn money by working on projects and small tasks from businesses can give not only disadvantaged youths an income stream but enable them to gain new skills along with independence.
This transformation that the Internet has brought will be just the beginning for the microwork industry as this crowdsourcing process begins to become more commonplace. Question do arise as to how best help the world’s poor as empirical evidence shows cracks in the effectiveness of foreign aid on development in developing countries. The opportunities on the web if used right, will empower its users who can join from any country in the world and not just from developing countries alone. The lofty aspiration therefore for most of these companies that offers such kinds of online jobs, is to create meaningful work for the people who need it most whilst connecting these workers to a global supply chain and first-world companies. In the short term their plan is to provide a living wage that amount to figure between $100 to $300 a month but allowing these workers to further empower themselves by selling their own services via website or any other online platforms.

The emergence of Internet in Nigeria or any other country at that, isn’t just to serve as a means of communication but also a tool for income generation. You need not necessarily wait for your government to provide you with employment, you have to find alternative ways to generate income using the things that are already available to you, only then, can you be financially and emotionally free and stable.