Military Invasion of South East, A Refined Tyranny of the Mediaeval -By Akingboye Babatunde Samuel

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History recalls that there have once been the wind of tyranny of mediaeval, which was blown across the four-walls of the world in the middle age. In the same vein, history recalls that there have been renaissance, which literally means re-birth of learning in all spheres of life including liberation from the tyranny of the mediaeval. My fellow Nigerians, is it not surprising that a refined tyranny of the mediaeval has again been found in the ‘cupboard’? Does it not practically appear and seeing that our people are again on the verge of the tyranny of mediaeval, and walking in the valley of the shadow of death? In spite of the fact that the earth has been renaissanced with the wind of civilization and education, brand of barbarians are still found dwelling among aggregates of logical and rational human beings.

It is an irony of history, he who has been chosen to preach and advocate the ‘gospel’ and principles of egalitarianism and humanitarianism, has gone far and wide in establishing upheaval in the community where people cannot longer enjoy both civic and educational rights. It is un’called for to treat your countrymen in this callous manner; all in the name of governance.

Ogbeni BSA wrote, “good governance comes through what people want you to do, not what you intend to do”. Moreover, We should not forget so soon that the voice of the people is the voice of God. The ‘big gun’, what do you hold for the future? Or don’t you ever believe that your contribution towards the sustenance and continuance of humanity determines your stand in the book of history?

Like they say in history, “man is known for two things, the problems he creates and the lasting workable solutions he proffers to problems”. E. Holler wrote that, “what the future holds for you depends on what you hold for the future”, and when you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die. I am afraid because, would history forgive you with your code of conducts? Beyond atmosphere of doubts, you are completely a failure and a brand of disappointment to humanity with this approach to an issue that was a brand of banana. If I must confess, military invasion of south-east is nothing, but a refined tyranny of the mediaeval; and a gross crime against humanity indeed.

By acknowledging a petty problem, you give it existence and credibility. Nnamdi Kanu was made popular by an unprofessional approach of President Buhari to plights that never called for legal proceedings. Consequently, Nnamdi Kanu speedily climbed to the climax, where everyone wants to listen to him within and outside the country. As a matter of fact, many youths who have seen injustice and its ‘extended family’ as the other of the day in Nigeria’s corridor of power; and who actually want to liberate themselves from the shackle of abject civil enslavement in the country have adored and chosen him as their role model.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has come to stay. There is nothing anybody, government or jurisdiction can do about it. President Buhari is running helter skelter now to strike down Apostle kanu so as to avoid global shame, in spite of several acquittance. President Buhari in due course, has given Apostle Kanu existence and credibility. So, kindly allow him to enjoy his fame. Don’t remind us of the pains and shame Late Gen. Sani Abacha brought upon this country on the 10th of November, 1995.