Misplaced Loyalty and the ‪#‎IStandwithBuhari‬ Group -By Florence Ozor

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Florence Ozor

Florence Ozor

I stand with President Buhari very strongly. The 2015 general elections became what it is because of the youths who could see beyond their immediate stomach need to know that Nigeria will seize to be if we continued with the PDP/Former President Jonathan led administration.

From the intense dialogue on social media shaping and changing preconceived, deeply ingrained mindset of voting patterns, to the street protests right from morning till 2am next morning in view of the conspiracy of election postponement, to the actual February 14 election protest all “funded” by individuals bringing water, cardboard sign and some with tee shirts- we knew that the fight for our democracy was not going to be motivated by money or some fairy god father somewhere with an agenda. We took active part in sensitizing the youths who made it clear that the status quo must change thus ensuring that for the first time in our history a seating government was voted out.

During elections people are naturally drawn to a contestant who is speaking the language they want to hear, thus a voter can be loyal to a candidate based on his/her conviction of the changes the candidate can bring to the nation.
Once that candidate wins, ALL loyalty Must shift to COUNTRY. The sole RESPONSIBILITY of a citizen is UNDIVIDED PATRIOTISM to Country.
The worst thing a citizen can become is to be a loyalist to a Public Office holder to the detriment of country. Such loyalty are unjust and on the extreme; treasonable.
Public officials must constantly be under scrutiny, it doesn’t mean the people who engages them want the President to fail in fact not engaging is a sure way to fail.

All of a sudden the people who critique the president are considered enemies even though they paid very high price to see this dispensation into office. We cannot Hero Worship the President, we will destroy the legacy that he want to create, we will lead him astray as was seen in the last administration. President Buhari is not infallible, we must as citizens ensure he doesn’t make too many mistakes by speaking out at every point in time either in commendation or open rebuke. This is our sole patriotic duty as Nigerians.
Mr President is blessed with 2 sides of the divide; the Patriotic Critics of the Administration and the Patriotic Encouragers of the Administration. Having spent few decades on earth, I can attest to the value of both the Critic and the Encourager. This is good and healthy for our Nation’s democracy.

Instead of planning a million man March that reeks of repulsion and hypocrisy the #IStandwithBuhari Group should deploy the “fund” to community projects in support of his administration but the question is; for a campaign this massive, huge promotion on and off social media where is the fund coming from? There is no wisdom in this march when more Nigerians support the President.
Sycophancy garnished with hypocrisy is a thriving trade for the greedy, unjust and morally bankrupt individuals.

I campaigned and still support President Buhari but on a scale Nigeria Comes First.
Should it come to choosing between my loyalty to Mr President and my Country without hesitation ‪#‎IStandwithNigeria‬.

God Bless Nigeria.

Florence Ozor.