Misuse Of Social Media; Why Most Ladies Still Remain Dependent -By Elijah Akoji

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In one of my write-ups, i tried to draw our attention to the importance of attractiveness, but in it i tend to ask a very salient question, is it a necessity or prerequisite for dating, this tend to raise so many consciousness as regard their path.

The advent of social media in it own way has led to a lot of growth both societal and personal, but in the light of this development, this social media has also been misused by people particularly ladies, it is said that we live in an age in which women claim to have earned complete independence. So the question is, do they need men at all?

Women tend to attract eyes to themselves either while they walk, mingle or on social media, a post on a particular social media by a lady some times attract up to 1000 likes that is for some and other it gives them up to 2000 likes and close to 100 comment, still the question is how well do some of this Ladies utilize this apt opportunity that social media present, it is so unfortunate that some use it for just the pleasures, others for the fun while some use it ignorantly without any mindset.

This misuse has over time drawn my attention which had led me into a conversation with a lady who use to post a picture on facebook, just facebook alone and she will attract likes up to 700, but still request for airtime from the boyfriend, in our conversation i post it to her, what is her mindset towards business, how is she building her world so as to be less dependent on her boyfriend, and she happily said me in her reply, my brother forget that thing, with a follow up comment, na una responsibility to take care of us, and i smiled with disgusts in my emotion, and i put it up to her saying you are very beautiful, most of your picture’s posted on facebook do attract 700 to 800 likes from your facebook friends alone, why not use this opportunity to sell a product either for yourself or for a company and begin to earn money for yourself, for a post to attract such likes, imagine you posting a shoe or bag, or even undies, out of 700 people, there is possibility 50 will want to patronize your product, imagine you sell 1piece of that product for just 1000 it means 50 people buying that product, will earn you 50k.


22 year old Nigerian lady brag on social media


This words left her in shock but it was a force for her, and today as you read write-up, she own a collection where she sells first grade Okirika for ladies and she is making her cool money, she even do home and office delivery for those who only see online and don’t have the opportunity of reaching her.

When the bible said poverty shall not depart from thy land Deuteronomy 15:11, no body’s family name or any girls name was mentioned to that verse of the bible, that some girls will be living like they just depend on men to keep them alive. I know times are hard, and this hardship may want to push some people into living a negative lifestyle, social media can help u make some cool cash without a thought of dependency.
Social media has brought so many opportunities which i see ladies standing the chances of using to make and create more wealth for themselves, but what we get today is insta girls, Snapchat slay queens, facebook small girls with big God, and the rest, with Zero account balance, the painful part of it is the rate at which some of this girls misuse data in doing all of this. It’s never a crime for a woman to be the bread winner of a family, where it will be a crime is when a woman is so dependent on the husband until she becomes a liability, consumer and a problem to the man. Misuse of this lovely opportunity called the social media, has led to collapse of many relationship from girls, instead of using this privilege to cause yourself pain, while not make it a source of wealth that will gain and earn you respect from both your friends, family and partner. A woman who often request scares men away, society responds to value not mediocrity. Success is measured by the number of time you use to make yourself better both physically and financially, don’t slay when your account balance is zero and you are even owing either of the network provider for borrowing airtime.

Cease every opportunity as a lady today and make yourself proud, men this days are also looking for ladies with grate future, build one for yourself and be relevant, instead of misusing the opportunity social media has offered you.

God Bless Hardworking Women.