Motivation in workplace environment.

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Partnership and team work


Psychology plays a trick with the head of an individual especially when it prepares your employees for the task ahead. Motivation is key to effective and efficient performance in any workplace. Some big companies go as far as employing psychologist that prepares employees mentally, whether experienced or newbie they all go through this therapy from time to time to keep their mind focus on the big picture. They move side-by-side with the company’s goals with an eye on the mission and vision of the organization.

Founders of ventures appreciates employees who buys completely into the very business the company is into, but getting personnels to that desired level is where the challenge is and if not properly handled can sink the business.

How do you get employees motivated to accomplish their job description and specification with aplomb? The desire to do something, and the enthusiasm must be backed with great action to sustain the fire with which they came through the door. Business owners are constantly in the business of satisfying people (internal and external customers). In the hierarchy of importance the employees are right up there with the customers, if at any point employees develop morale issues it immediately reflects in the bottom-line of the company.

Money isn’t the key motivating factor in every working environment as so many CEO’s have come to understand over the years, rather employees are motivated by different wants to be identified by the human resources manager of your organization, because if well assessed and addressed it will reduce or entirely eliminate the threat of staff turnover.

In a research conducted by Globalplux consulting a human resource firm to determine the level of motivation in various companies and what motivates employees (mid-level staff) to execute their job to perfection; has it that only 25% went for money, 33% was after appreciation (things like a thank you email or praises in front of co-worker), while the rest 42% was after appellation (titles: managers, chief operating officers) for self-gratification.

Some organization have taking ‘motivating employees’ to a whole new level, which they are benefiting from, because the truth remains that this personnels are the live-wire of your business, if they are happy –your business is happy. Some companies with the capital have gone as far as providing a day care for their (nursing mother) staff, aside other fringe benefit.

For startups with small number of staff strength, it makes it all easier to determine what motivates your staff since you are always in close proximity with everyone of them at all times and possibly, have one-on-one with them. Your employees may not require much considering they know you are just starting out, but ‘a good job’ remark may be required every now and then to stimulate commitment and dedication to company objectives.