Mr President’s Supporters!

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Mr President's Supporters!

Spending forty-six minutes on the phone debating the intentions of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan concerning Nigeria and Nigerians does not border me much. What borders me greatly is the fact that the person on the other end of the line, a young and highly intelligent Nigerian, confidently see Jonathan’s actions and inactions as an enticing troubleshooting strategy for the betterment of Nigeria.

Back and forth we went on our various points. Him, speaking on the facts embedded in an Islamic unanimous concession known as the ABUJA DECLARATION -a consensus reached by the Islamic African Organization to Islamize the entire continent of Africa, with means and operational plan. Him, speaking on the ground that Mr President’s actions of installing Northerners into sensitive positions in the country is an amazing strategy that will be used against them when things don’t work out well for the Northern people under their very watch. Him, stating that providing employment, quality educational system, good road networks, adequate electricity supply and other “trivial” issues that dwells on the neighbourhood of the people, are not the reasons why President Jonathan was brought into power, but to build the foundation for solidity of institution, and a generational route for good governance in Nigeria.

Truth is, i heard him. I tried to understand him or rather, reason with him. But the reality of the matter is, whether the IAO had a hundred year plan of Islamizing Nigeria, Africa or not, our issue is our issue and a problem is generated because there’s a counter solution to them. Being at the helm where the nucleus is controlled by you, gives you the better chance of making the needed change.

Is President Jonathan working to rebuild the fallen and sold government infrastructures that provide for the Nigerian people? Yes he is. Is President Jonathan positively working to keep the nation together despite pressures and tough divisional challenges? Yes he is. Is President Jonathan balancing the inequality in women/men participation in politics? Yes he is. But is President Jonathan in any way attempting to fight CORRUPTION, the very essence of our national problems? No he’s not. Is President Jonathan properly managing the situation at hand? No he’s not. Does President Jonathan surround himself with the right advisors? No he does not.

It maybe true that President Jonathan have good intentions about Nigeria and Nigerians, but he has not been displaying these intentions clearly. He has allowed his aides to use his name and office to deceive Nigerians, to bring disgrace to the office of the President. Nigerians are passing through a difficult time, what they need right now, is a leader who will stand and fight for them, motivate and inspire them with a great assurance of victory.

President Jonathan must realize that his aides as well as cabinet members are only interested in themselves and not in protecting him and his office. The moment the ball rolls out of Jonathan’s court, they will quickly switch over to a new camp. If Jonathan don’t work now to rebuild his reputation, it will be gone forever.