My Christmas gift to Nigerians: Accept Nigeria!

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Nigerians have endured till now not because all was well with the nation but, simply because all will be well with our respective pockets. We are used to the common saying ‘all is well’ but, that is our mouth at work, in our heads we are calculating how to wreck the well. We cannot pretend that Nigerians are ready and willing to dry the oil wells for their personal gains and not national development. The wealth from our common gift is now the focus of our commotion. During the course of nurturing our democracy, we had had to tolerate so many issues. Issues like our differences, minority marginalization and no iota of justice for the common man. Some of the issues came to become our fate because of the dividend of bad leadership. We had undulating security which vibrated the pendulum of our unity.

Corruption like a patch to our skin has dented our beauty till date. We blame our leaders for stealing billions in dollars through porous links to their banks accounts, boosting foreign economies. For the masses the case of corruption is evident in how we manage the crumbs that fall off the federal table to our domain. Cumulatively, what this presupposes is that weather rich or poor, Nigeria has an issue of corruption to deal with ‘Welcome to the reality of the 21st century Nigeria’. We celebrate our centenary maybe because we had doubted the possibility of our existence as one nation till now. Aside this feat what else have we got to put forward that will exude our value.

Nigeria cannot continue being a country with the best set of people but, the worst minds. Poverty is no longer an issue if you ask me; we now have poverty of reasoning to contend with.

Every single day, we have scores of birth in nocks and crannies across the nation. Our children are raised with the notion that our collective wealth is up there for grab. Our nation’s wealth is now a honey-pot that graduates from tertiary institutions clamour after their NYSC year to exhaust once given the opportunity. A total loss of fate in the system called ‘Naija’ has made all Nigerians a suspect. It is believed that no Nigerian is clean nor can be trusted. Who invented corruption in this country? Only God can answer that question. We are all now employees in the factory of corruption, producing at maximum capacity because personal aggrandizement is the highest motivation. Today, nobody can even reason when there was no corruption or who will possibly survive the country without it.

Our Educational system which is meant to breed the leaders of tomorrow is absurd, much to kill the existence of tomorrow. Everyone in position is in there for their gains and not because they want to save the ruins of a nation that is at the edge of a cliff. The first way to retrace our way back home to the promise land is to retrieve and surrender our selves, so that all that matters is the other Nigerian aside you. Me, me, me should become we, we, we.  Nobody wants to believe the Nigerian Police Force can change for good. No one will accept the fact that NEPA/PHCN can fix our epileptic light issue. No more faith that our Judiciary can give us justice without being influenced. No Nigerian believes election can ever be free and fare. No job seeker sees the possibility of getting that job without the needed connection with the source. No business man foresees success without devising a medium to cheat clients. No leader can be sincere and accountable else you are not a Nigerian. A plethora of viral mind set is what has bedeviled our country men and women. Even as we progress in the course of years, our norms and values suffer from more ideals of insanity. We grow to propound more laws and ill means, all for SURVIVAL SAKE. Work-shop is a popular cliché that even a 3-year old Nigerian can explain to secure 100% in an exam. The young are indeed growing with the inclination to keep and ace these odd legacies.

Will all be well if we continue to treat our ‘well-wealth’ with disdain? Any issue national is treated with levity while, personal affairs attract our sympathy. We wish, all will understand when it concerns me and my affairs but, no one is ready to heed to reasoning when it is the Nigeria affair. That is why ASSU and FG have a game-tie in deciding the fate of about 165 million Nigerians.

If you are a Nigerian, you must emanate from a family and your family is not a perfect family in entirety. There are always issues we are willing to bare and endure for family sake. Why can we not endure too, for the Nigeria State? Do something to reform your reasoning on this issue and not just stopping there, your friends and acquaintances must be influence to think alike. We have to accept Nigeria before we can build it. It can change if we say “I believe it will change”. A new Nigeria is possible so, let Nigerians accept her country Nigeria. First, we start being positive in our minds. Then, we talk about how we desire and anticipate this positivity and like a charm it will spore the needed change. Sooner enough it will diffuse into our work-life and becomes a physical reality. Please join the train that leads this nation to Eldorado… CHANGE YOUR NOTION THAT NIGERIA WILL NEVER CHANGE, CHANGE HAS COME, ACCEPT IT.


  • Nigeria like a ship is a country and we Nigerians as citizens are the captains.
  • More often, citizens blame the failure of the nation on leaders but, they soon forget that bad leaders are the product of bad citizenship. Be a good citizen and good leaders will emerge for Nigeria.
  • Diversity is the mother of sufficiency, while by tribes we are different, by being a nation we are resourceful, our variety of needs can be met, only if we harness this differences positively.
  • You are bigger than a problem if you allow the problem to last its time range, without allowing it to change your ability to know you will conquer it.
  • Whoever wants the best for self must be ready to let others get their best.
  • The worst happens in the state when citizens ignore obligations to the state and the worst happens to an individual when the state ignores her duty to the citizens.