My dream before Nigeria @ 53

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The imaginative thoughts I indulged in while awake or asleep is that of a true and honest patriot, who always wants whats best for his nation. Nigeria have faced series of challenges and will continue to suffer from situations such as ethnic differences, conflict of interest as well as political tussle. It will be deceptive to think that it will someday come to a point when Nigeria will seize having troubles. However, even in the face of such trial our dear country, Nigeria have managed to glue tight like the famous Olympic rings, even when it is stretched it never broke.

As I woke this morning dressed for work, I drove passed some police officers and I stopped to ask how they were doing, we exchanged pleasantries. In company of the police men we talked and laughed, they assured me of safety of the territory as they bid me goodbye. Then I approach a police check-point on the way and the vehicle in front of mine tried to bribe the officers in black, to my astonishment he rejected the money and politely asked the driver to step out of his car for routine search, after which he thanked the driver for his corporation and sent him on his path.

When I arrived at the office I observed there was an interview going on for a vacant position. With techniques I assessed every candidates seated at the reception waiting to be called upon and I saw the son of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the Central Bank governor in his well tailored suit and high classed pair of skin shoes, seated far left is the nephew of Namadi Sambo, the Vice President of Nigeria in his tuxedo suit. Again I noticed the sister of Labaran Maku, the Minister of Communication as she was nicely dressed in her body fitted jacket, with gold bracelet and sweet pair of shoes to match. Then,  flanked by there right is somebody even the receptionist find difficult to describe nor recognize, in fact she wondered how he was invited for the job interview, looking haggard, with a funny pair of shoes, I  asked for his name and I was told his name is Chinedu Okechukwu. So some hours later Chinedu came out jumping and crying in happiness, and shedding tears of joy, he’s gotten the job. We were all surprised?!

As I pick up the newspapers the first headline I read is that the corrupt government official who embezzled the pension fund have been sentenced to twenty years imprisonment with his assets seized and bank account frozen. Similar punishment was also dished out to top government officials, Director Generals, Senators who were involved in giving and collecting bribe, in other words, effective judiciary system were in place.

I ask a friend for cup of water, after a while he came with a bottled water that was not only chilled but blocked to the neck. When I asked how? He said for over six months there has been constant power supply. PHCN working round the clock to maintain power stability.

In my journey across the country I observed that Chukwudi Okoronkwo is the Governor of Lagos State, South-West, and Olariwaju Gbenga is the Governor of Kano state North-Central, where Musa Abubakar is the Governor in Imo state, South-East of Nigeria. Nigerians were able to contest for election irrespective of their state of origin.

Actually, I woke up and realize they are all dreams, a mental picture conceived in my heart and formed in my head. Did I regret having the dream? Of course not. Is it an impossible dream? Definitely not. All I gathered from this dreams is that it is possible and we can make it happen, it is the Nigeria of my dream. Where every thing is near perfect.

What is the Nigeria of your dream?