My Fellow Borno Youths, The Choice Is Our 2019, Let Us Speedily Rescue The Sinking Ship Before It Is Too Late -By Abubakar Saleh Dudu

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Borno youths in Maiduguri


BORNO YOUTHS must sincerely reflect on the background and heritage with which we are armed to face the patriotic challenges of the twenty-first century, a role which we do not even understand not to talk of commitment to it. Much of the savagery that has engulfed BORNO today could be explained in the greed and base conduct inherent in the characters of our present set of leaders, look at how the cabals in the Kashim Shettima’s lead administration overheating the polity, it’s indeed, a very unfortunate one.

At this giddy moment when our state Borno seems to have set on a batty course of self-destruction, BORNO YOUTHS must come together and cut a deal and to react to this umbrage. We must not only reject any attempt by those who stole our state patrimony into their private pockets to use us to destabilize our state; we must hunt them down anywhere they are found. We must insist that all the expired war-lords and looters intent on further wasting the youths in another political war to massage their fangled ambitions and maladroit hues are given ill treatment and their looted wealth retrieved. We must stop allowing ourselves to be used as agents of destruction by these shameless and sadistic pretenders who have brought us to this state of arrested development.

There is a need for the youth to confer hope on this despondent state to demonstrate a common political savvy irrespective of our tribe or religion. BORNO YOUTHS who constitute over 70 per cent of the electorate must spare the state the ghoulish stare of insecurity and political war in our State by resisting any attempt by the political class to once more push us into the abyss. Real liberation will come when we refuse to be manipulated by our self-serving politicians. How long shall our people be oppressed and be violated by unjust structures, policies and measures before their oppressors have a rethink? Have we not seen enough of bloodshed in BORNO?, How many more people do we want dead in BORNO before we do the most needful?, How long shall we still wait before responding reasonably to the challenges of the moment?, Or have we gotten rid of every sense of perception and become incapable of seeing the inferno that is mounting up to envelop us? Can we actually pretend not to hear the cries of the oppressed all across the streets of BORNO?, WHY IS BORNO OPPRESSING HER CITIZENS WHILE WE ALL KEEP MUTE?.

The situation becomes more horrific, when the oppressor disguises themselves as the saviour. In addition to the oppressive structures in place, which they consciously nourishes and grows, they presents themselves as the angel of light, whereas they are in concrete terms agent and emissary of darkness. History has a force that offers one some possible options of either identifying with the truth it presents and positively exploiting it to one’s benefits, or neglecting it and facing the consequent shock, devastation and humiliation it brings.

The choice is ours to make. Let us speedily rescue BORNO before it is too late.

Abubakar Saleh Dudu is a Youth and Social Media activist. He wrote in from Maiduguri, Borno State.