My Interview with Lord Lugard: Nigeria, the Unholy Union

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When I see the events that have happened in recent times in this country, I begin to wonder why God allowed this unwholesome union called Nigeria. Nigeria is a country of diversed ethnic nationalities with varied religious affiliations and opposing ideological inclines. These diversities have become a clog in the wheel of progress towards building a rich national cultural life. It is obvious to everyone that on every national issue we sing in discordant tones visibly divided along ethnic/religious lines. Often our sense of judgement and persuasion is beclouded with ethnic sentiments and religious bigotry. Nigeria is another Babel. What a sad country!!

One person in history I will like to interview is Lord Lugard(or whatever he calls himself and for the sake of his despicable action I have decided not to appellate his name). The one and only question bothering my mind that I will like to ask him is : Was a nation with overt divergence going to survive and what benefit was there in putting this unequal bed fellows together in the name of amalgamation? To make my question clear to him I will put it blank that do you think you are forming a nation or a den by putting the cat and dog inside the same cage? I could imagine the emotional upset and intellectual confusion this will stir. Probably he would begin by attacking me by asking who is the cat and who is the dog. Defending the imperialist agenda he may stress that the amalgamation was one of the most important events in British empire and that the North and South were more more similar than being different. Further more he would deny the fact that these two were unequal bed fellows.

The north and south are similar in that they are simply Africans and nothing more. He tied the unholy knot of amalgamation without recourse to its survival and the potential security implication if a similar imperialist were to tie the French and German 50years ago. On who is the cat and dog , I will simply ask for another 50years to grant another interview and then it will be obvious whom the two are. I think Lugard should be categorised in the Hall of Shame along with Adolf Hitler. He carried on the British expansionist agenda without a forethought of its implication. He wanted to fulfil the figment of the British experiment of an ungovernable multi-ethnic Nigeria. He might have done this to cut down cost. To affirm that Nigeria is an experimental contraption a former British Prime Minister Margeret Thatcher remarked while in office that it is impossible to govern a diversed, multi-ethnic country like Nigeria. At last their hypothesis is true!!

It appears the British has a penchant for forming an unholy union when it forced the trio of Northen Ireland, Wales and Scotland into the United Kingdom(alongside England). But I am particularly happy that it is true again in the case of UK that the evil that men do live long to hunt them. The unwholesome knot tied as (DIS)United Kingdom is gradually being untied. The rebels from Northern Ireland have been battling with Number 10 for independence to reunite with Republic of Ireland where they naturally belong. A few weeks ago the Scottish First Minister secured the consent of Westminster government to hold a referendum for Scotland independence in 2014 and not long the Welsh will join the foray. In no distant time the British will fade into insignificance in the modern world only to be remembered historically for the untold unforgivable ills caused around the world.



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  1. In truth, this so called colonial masters are the Boko Haram that we have today. The useless hausa people never wanted one Nigeria, the fearful yorubas never had a stand, but these people came and joined everyone together in order for them to slaughter each other.

    Just as the knot in UK is loosening up, that of Nigeria is following suit…

    October 30, 2012 at 10:54 pm