My Last Memo To President Jonathan Before 2015: Man Up, Grow Some Balls and Take The Lead.

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My Last Memo To President Jonathan Before 2015: Man Up, Grow Some Balls and Take The Lead


Nigeria is a place where people respect money, power, and older people with substance, so much so that they fear telling them the gospel truth about their situation even when they are wrong. As much as you can count me in as one of those who respects not just a certain group of people, but everyone, I also have never been a big fan of respecting people for the wrong reasons, no matter who they are. So today, i want to stick it to President Jonathan, the hard way.

It will be an understatement right now to say you are less concerned about the political directions of affairs in the country. Nigerians want change and they are actively ready to get it wherever they can find it. They have endured enough crap from you and the political party that brought you to power, so for them, the change they seek is non-negotiable. The latest happenings in the country, most especially the insurgency and the 219 schoolgirls who are still in the strong hold of Boko Haram, the dreaded Islamic sect who wants a completely Muslim country with Sharia as the governing law, have made the Nigerian people to seek for a leader who isn't insipid, defensive and spineless.

I wouldn't say you deserve what's been happening since you took over from the Late Umaru Musa Yar'Adua, as the President of the country. However, your leadership's been awful since you got elected into office in 2011: decisions are barely made and when they finally are made, it is often half-baked or deviod of strength and action. You said you are dealing with corruption, but your statements and body language says otherwise. Nigerians are tired of excuses, they have been living with excuse since they were born, since 1960 when the country earned her independence. All they yearn for right now is a change that can truly transform their lives and guarantee a better future for them and their children.

If indeed you want to avoid a seemingly inevitable legacy as The Greatest Disappointment, you need to man up and start being a proper leader. It won't be easy. You have to step on toes and if you must work, then you will have to step on those toes and tender no apology to anyone or group. Nigerians say you don't have what it takes, prove to them you have that. If you thought the APC were intransigent before they had control of the National Assembly, just imagine how diabolically obstructive they're going to be in the shortest of time when they fully close up the little space still available. However, all eyes will also be on them because Nigerians are tired of the National Assembly, as well as the Aso Rock acting like they are untouchable and unstoppable.

The people of Nigeria rightly want action and that action will only come if you now swallow gigantic quantity of LIVER – and sit down with the enemy.

Your biggest weakness Mr President, is your inability to take hard (solitary) decisions. And that on its own, shows the people that you are incapable of leadership, that you are not only weak but also clueless. My strongest advise to you in this piece is, when next you go into a room with an enemy, kick out those plenty, confusionists you call advisers, and take it on with your enemy man to man. Above all, while doing this, make sure you are sincere with your enemy, be blunt and be firm, for in that way, your enemy will know that in your simplicity, you can be vicious and also understanding.

Playing the best politics Mr President, isn't winning the best minds, but winning the best minds that can win other best minds for you, is playing the best politics.

God bless you!