My letter to Mr President.

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Hello Mr President,

Greetings your excellency sir!!!

Due to your busy schedule as the president of Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, i will keep this letter short and straight to the point. I am sure you have read on papers, heard in the news and perhaps, also on the web via social media where today’s Nigerian youths are most active, the rising reactions trailing the suspension of est-while Central Bank Governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. No action, whether in the interest of the people or not, whether in the interest of national security or not, that will receive in entirety, a 100% support. It is called the human nature and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Be that as it may sir, the action has already been taking and Sanusi is already out of office and following the course of history in Nigeria, i am sure he’s never coming back again.

Before Sanusi was shown the exit door sir, he was at the verge of exposing something big to the Nigerian people, even though many questioned his integrity and motive. $20 billion, an equivalent of about N3.5 trillion depending on the current exchange rate. Nigerians need to know where this money went to or better still, into what project was such amount used. The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, is diced. The level of corruption going on in that place is enough to sink the nation, but am sure this is not news to you with all due respect sir. There are fingers pointing to your direction as regards what goes on in the NNPC as well as the missing N3.5 trillion. In fact, many are of the opinion that you fear Sanusi might find out more and expose the entire cover up and that you couldn’t let that happen and that’s why you have to let him go.
Sir, whatever the case is here, it’s time you prove Nigerians wrong and show them that you are not part of any cover up. It’s time you let the world know that you are not “casual” with and about corruption. You can do that by setting up a very strong and honest committee to look into the NNPC and the missing N3.5 trillion.

This is not to say that i am with the presidency in every of her actions or inactions but, Sanusi had it coming all these while. He acted with a high level of impunity, recklessness and matched like an untouchable Reverend. Putting him in his place is one of the most delighting thing to do. The next big step Nigerians are looking for right now is staging of NNPC and bringing the perpertrators to book and letting justice take its place in the polity of this nation.

Nigeria still have the problem of Boko Haram. Every now and then innocent civilians die like beds without a nest. Put an end to this Mr President. You have been diplomatic enough about this issue, even the world will applaud you if you decide to go the other way about the Boko Haram menace because, Nigerians are dying under your watch.

It will be a thing of celebration for Nigeria and Nigerians, if you can give more priority now, to stemming the tide of this insurgency group once and for all.

Thanks for going through my piece Mr President.

Best regards