My Love Letter to Amazing Fathers in #BBOG -By Roselyn E Okon

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Roselyn E Okon

Roselyn E Okon


To all the Amazing Fathers in #BBOG whom I have as Yardstick to my future & that of my Children’s Future…
Thaaaaaaaaaaank You for Teaching a Child like me.. with no #Fatherhood Love/Care who a Real Father is.

Thank You for transforming my thoughts away from the believe that men are BEASTS…

Thank You for helping a Child like me Believe in a Man & Trust in a Man!!!

That’s for REAL!!!

Thank You all for alleviating my Fears of Insecurity & Beautiful Future…

Thank You all for Stamping Peace deep inner my heart for the many hurts, pains & failures I had to fight without a Father.
Above all, For those cherished moments YOU ALL WERE REAL… betraying Your emotions publicly for the REAL LOVE of Daughters who are not biologically Yours… You injected in me a ‘Divine Pill’ called ‘Genuine Forgiveness’ towards my BIOLOGICAL FATHER!!!

Thank You for giving a Child like me Confidence & Freedom… I was groomed never to Stand before a Man nor look into a man’s face to say or answer a word because AS A FEMALE CHILD, MY BIRTH WAS WORTHLESS!!!

So much healing I cannot mention in words…
Thank You!
Thank You!!
Thank You!!!

Today I can boldly write about my 30Years+ PAST Fears because I AM A SURVIVAL!!!

I celebrate All the amazing #BBOG Fathers & Fathers to be… & I dare to call You all REAL Fathers!!!

Your seeds will call You blessed!!!

May You never be found wanting in Your responsibilities as REAL FATHERS!!!

I Love You all #Fearlessly