N50 Million Court Order: Sanusi Lamido’s victory, FG loss.

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Sanusi vs FG - OpinionNigeria

Was it a step too far to have seized Sanusi’s International passport and other traveling documents by men of the State Security Service? Or is this going to be judged as a case of doing the wrong thing at the wrong time by Federal Government and her agency, SSS? Because, that is what it has transformed to, a case of the hunter being the hunted. Sanusi is a man who has been accused of misappropriation of funds, massive embezzlement of public fund and other financial recklessness involving in matters away from CBN Social Corporate Responsibilities (SCR). Even though he has been talking too much, or adjudged by many as the most corrupt man in Nigeria, Sanusi is one controversial fellow who will never run away from his country as a result of any allegation the FG think they have over him. In fact, I did say the man is enjoying the dance he’s having with NNPC and the FG, as he constantly hugs the headline of different dailies, to leave all that attention and run away is not in the nature of the ex-while CBN governor.

Now the court have ordered Federal Government to pay Sanusi Lamido Sanusi the sum of fifty million Naira to add to the one he has been accused of stealing or he might have siphoned while in office and also, for him to buy soap and wash off the bad image the government have painted him with by making him look like a criminal and somebody without character, who would run away from his place of birth as a result of a malicious accusation. It did not stop there, some have also said the money is for Sanusi to start rebuilding his reputation which was tarnished by FG and the SSS and to recover from the psychological trauma he maybe suffering from -it is indeed a case of, event turning on its head. The Federal Government and the State Security Service I believe will be going on an appeal to recede the judgment which will drag the country through a lengthy case of litigation, of course it’s Sanusi’s bread and butter.

If you decide to call it fifty million Naira jackpot, you wouldn’t be wrong. The prosecutor has characterized the entire situation as an unlawful arrest and seizure of his traveling documents. I really do not understand the scope of the arrest, if it is just questioning or he was detained for couple of days and made to pass some rigorous exercise to obtained the truth. However, I still maintain that the FG and the State Security Service acted like one who was trying to cover up something by acting like a bully, considering the twenty billion dollar fraud Sanusi have been shouting about both on the floor of the Senate and the pages of newspaper.

A lengthy litigation exercise is one thing this country cannot afford to entertain from most especially her government, because there are more important things that requires urgent attention, like the polytechnics which has been on strike for the past 10 months now and still counting. The SSS should buckle up and do a thorough investigation before castigating a man’s character and attempt to drag the entire nation into a street fight which is far from good for the image of the nation.