Negative Reporting, The Love Of Foreign Media

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Negative Reporting, The Love Of Foreign Media


I really don’t want to do this but if i don’t, maybe they’d just think they are handling it well not knowing how badly they are destroying things for nations and for the people in it across the globe. My beef right now is with the international media who think they know better than the people living in a nation. Every now and then you get to read reports on Nigeria, most of them negative and insensitive to the situations on ground. It is okay to draw people to your platform by reporting things that don’t exist about another country, but think it through before you get to publish it.

A good example of what am talking about is the recent Amnesty Internationals report on the Nigerian Police Force, where they lied to the world that the Nigerian police torture offenders. The return report by the Nigerian police was a good education to them and the rest of the world who probably are already thinking its true. Chew a bit on that while i refer you to the fact that other foreign media think Nigeria is the most corrupt nation on earth, where is the place of America, South Africa, Mexico, the United Kingdom and others in such list of corrupt people or nations in the world? Nigeria like other nations have its short coming and so should not be targeted for the soul aim of rubbishing her great image.

Every nation no matter the size or shape must be respected and the people regarded. Media outfit whether foreign or local can grow without attacking anyone or any nation. Until we understand this, we may never be able to report objectively and positively on any issue regarding anyone or any nation.

As much as i see this in the perspective for which i do, some people, Nigerians alike, think the report that comes from the desk of the international media are perfect and completely genuine. If you think in this light, let’s know why or why not.