Newly released police email address: A shame and visual betrayal to the Nigerian people

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The Inspector General(IG) of police, Mohammed Dahiru Abubakar, yesterday received applause and commendations for the new email address([email protected]) he provided the general public for direct and easy communication with his office. As achieving as that may seem to the entire Nigerian Police Force, it is a shame and a visual betrayal to the people of this nation.

For years Nigerians have been asking for a 3-digit number(like the United States 911) they can use to reach the police in case of emergency and today, the IG is launching an “email address” with the Federal Government declaring it a ‘huge achievement’. Of what good will the provided email address do for someone whose house is under attack or to an accident victim who urgently need an ambulance or to a house owner whose house is engulfed in fire?

Since it has become a culture for ordinary Nigerians, including our leaders, to reference Ghana when referring to upright government or application of internationally developmental standards, let me join the waggon. Today as it stands, Ghana has a 3-digit number for contacting the police, fire service and ambulance in case of emergency. It didn’t take them eternity to make this available for their citizens. Its all about true planning and proper implementation.

If you ask what brain work was involved in the provision of this email address, you can’t get a reasonable answer because there was none. The non-emergency reasons or conditions as the case may be, for which the email address should be use is not all feasible. Imagine for instance, a scenario where witness evidence for a captured Boko Haram member comes from a certain publicly generated email account, how convincing or acceptable will that be to a judge or even a defence counsel?

Mr Inspector General, Nigeria and Nigerians have outgrown such manner of achievement. We want to see a government that cares for her citizens, a government that put themselves in the place of the ordinary and hapless people of Nigeria. You have taking the stride in doing this, Nigerians need you to take the giant stride and write your name in their hearts.