Nigeria 2019: Rural Evangelism, Daddy Freeze & Election Violence -By Nneka Okumazie

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Whatever is in the heart is unknown. The heart can be wicked – desperately so, regardless of income, status, education, profession or location.

There are so many who grew up with poor parents, but were able to vanquish poverty – legitimately and rise to the top of their careers. In that time, several of their contemporaries failed, but with determination, some help and favors, they made it.

They generally cared less about parents in poverty, so the cycle of much more people who wasted away and very few who made it to the top, continues.

Yes, some give back to some individuals, but if such person is in a position to make broad policies – from the private or public sectors, and refuses to stimulate policies that would be massively helpful to others, that person – though successful – has failed the society.

This is exactly why no matter how privileged or impoverished anyone is, it is important to teach and emphasize selflessness.

This paucity of policy selflessness is a major problem for society. This similarly applies, with things that aren’t seen as important, aren’t learned at some point, then became a problem to the individual, and society – later on.

For example, cleaning one’s immediate environment is great, but if a person takes to cleaning the broader space, it is an act for all, for good, that could inspire good change – if imitated.

Also, if there’s aggressive evangelism in rural areas, or impoverished parts of a community, so that people can have a change of mind, it is a very great thing. Rural evangelism has had and will further have impact as it grows.
Just like the rich, the poor can be wicked. The poor can be sick. The poor can be violent. The poor can be ruthless. The poor can be desperate. The poor can be deceitful. The poor can be lustful. The poor can be gossipy. The poor can have anger issues. The poor can think they have nothing to lose, etc.

Preaching salvation to the poor is very important. Emphasizing righteousness, the fear of GOD and a change of heart to the poor can be the difference between things going really bad, really fast or not.

Those who do rural evangelism do society a great favor. The Word people hear can be the only thing they remember before a decision for total wickedness or horror.

Some people have harmed others out of spite, badness and getting even. Some have refused to help, lied, or were so mean when it came to others. Yes, the human nature sometimes prevails, but the Word of GOD, reinforced in hearts, is essential.

When a genuine Evangelist preaches in a public place, even without listening, that optics could mean something to think of – for a passerby.
Since it represents the Good News, it could be evocative of a similar message previously, or just to think of Salvation basically.

Also, some may just hear a line – not the whole message. That line could appeal to the good part in the heart of an individual and could make a difference.

Anyone could have been born poor. Anyone could have been born anywhere to any situation or family. No matter the status, class, exposure, skill, or income, every individual is first, human.

Some are poor [and violent] because the society failed them. Also, some see no value to their lives, but to cause problems – every time. There are some poor too, who didn’t take that path of waste.

The thugs that may stoke elections violence are several problems in one. But the messages that didn’t get to them may have contributed to their violent natures.

The message of Salvation is the most priceless gift they could’ve got in their formative years. That message was more than the food of the day, or the clothes, or music, or drinks, or whatever.

Some who didn’t also get to hear the message of Salvation, but left the rural area and became affluent, engaged in all kinds of loose stuff, because of what they were.

As seen, there are several kinds of people who become rich – legally or otherwise – in Nigeria every year, but what becomes priority is an interpretation of what they thought before they got there.

Money buys intimidation and being able to intimidate others is happiness for them. So good vehicles, good apartments, devices, parties, etc. are often displayed: not purpose, selflessness, great ideas, vision, passion, valuable innovation, etc.

Nigeria has several local millionaires, but has no electricity, no good healthcare system, high unemployment, road risks, grim infrastructure, low public water supply, low quality education etc.

Assuming passion for solution was taught at school, where some classes would repeat: how does Nigeria solve its electricity problems? Or any other problem, some students would continue to ponder on it, and grow into passionate people, to do nothing else but to solve societal problems, no matter the fears or saboteurs – powerful or powerless.

Christianity has been an enormous blessing to those who have genuine Salvation in Nigeria. Many Christian marriages in Nigeria are solid. They have affinity for each other. The love and bond are strong. The fear of GOD is uncompromisingly preserved and they respect each other.

Yes, Nigeria is not a developed country, and for some Christian homes, they may not have it all, but the things money can’t buy – that they possess, are invaluable.

GOD is not measured by the physical or what money can buy. Salvation is not exchequer. Christ, the Model of Christianity, was Modest. He said, “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of Man hath not where to lay His head.”

Yes, many say there’s nothing glorious in poverty, but there are so many character and attitude issues that are worse than poverty: nothing glorious in those, as well.

There are countries with all the development, where marriages go dim faster than power outages in Nigeria.

So yes, money is great, but money often fails – and fades quickly. New devices, technology, etc. are stale after a while. Those who married because of money and have everything, soon found out that money can’t buy lasting affinity.

So yes, it is great for both the rich and the poor to learn about JESUS. Christ preached to the rich, the poor, the weak and the powerful.

Jesus Christ was super strategic. He also showed silence, as strategic communication, when He asked those without sin to cast the first stone.
There are many things to learn, and it is important to get important stuff across to people, no matter where, or what.

Christianity is not about money. It is about Salvation, Worship, eternity, Faith, Hope, righteousness, sanctification, consecration, holiness.

[Psalm 97:4, His lightnings enlightened the world: the earth saw, and trembled.]

Christianity is not – also – about electricity, employment, free market economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, biotechnology, civil law, artificial intelligence, history, culture, psychology or whatever. Salvation is a message for a way of life and a change of heart, not to solve societal problems.

The Church does not cause poverty. Poverty is caused by income, purchasing power of that income and conditions of living. Any amount or no amount is allowed for giving in Church. But the heart and status of Salvation are important. Genuine Salvation is light, no matter who, where, what, why or how.

[Genesis 1:2-3, And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of GOD moved upon the face of the waters. And GOD said, Let there be light: and there was light.]