Nigeria and Terrorism; a solution perspective -by Edith Jeff-Okoroafor

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Nigeria and Terrorism; a solution perspective


“A mother would do anything to protect her children” they say. So much to be desired of our dear mother, Nigeria. Who could believe that a country with one of its thirty-six States, tagged, ‘Home of Peace’ would one day be eluded by peace? And in turn dictate the nomenclature of the whole Nation? It all began like a dream. Then, another occurred even before mother Nigeria could wake up from her slumber. Gradually, these dreams turned into reality and reality?, almost the order of the day. Why not? If I were the dream myself, I would have occurred and reoccured again; and again since no one ever took me seriously from the outset.

Bang!!! Most of our nation’s issues can get resolved once we learn to take quick action on all matters. However, dear Nigeria, are you still a Learner, at age fifty-four???

Oh Mother, there is a dire need to strengthen your roots- your young. Difficult as this may seem, it is all included in our national anthem. End the melodious symphony in it if you like, but ensure to replace it with the wisdom therein- the didactic lessons. Tell your young how and why our heroes laboured and why it must not be in vain. Tell them how they must in love, strive to ‘serve’ you with unwavering faith. Tell them how bound we are in freedom, in peace and in unity. Tell them the place of God in every situation and watch. Yes mother, watch them blossom into fine young men and women of excellent qualities. Now please don’t ask me how. Where the tiniest will exists, there abounds a thousand ways.

While that is going on, sensitise your older generation. No Mother, leave poverty out of this. It is not poverty that destroys a man, but his impoverished sense of self worth. Reiterating the lessons taught your young will be wise here. Take your message every where- to the lands to the seas, to the hills. It’s a global village Mother, you have the wherewithal; fast and easy. Well if you think that would cost too much, tell me the monetary worth of the first life lost in this mayhem, then I would personally do the needful per number of lives that followed.

Also recall dear Nigeria, that with Sensitisation comes reporting units. So you may want (and I charge you) to think about setting up an anti-terrorist squad- a group of highly empowered military-intelligent individuals baked hot in the oven of what Nigeria stands for; gigantically equipped with every sophisticated known and customised weapon and funded even better than the war to be fought in entirety. I hear the Terrorists are supplied with those, but wait till our specially trained squad emerges. Every soldier, when well equipped gladly combats on their honour.

One more case I would like to bring to your express notice is this, you see those Stewards you put in charge of our household? Sober them up. Of course, you know what they are each capable of so investigate them thoroughly to sieve out their impurities. Do not be surprised that at the end of the day, a physical combat may not be necessary since you would have tackled this issue from its very source. Positive! The secrets of a household lies with its inhabitants, not outsiders.

So much have I said, but I would let my siblings charge you further. This is my opinion, or…what do you think mother Nigeria?


Mother!! [silence] Mama Nigeria!!! [she grunts]

Wake up mother Nigeria! Wake up, land of my peaceful wisdom-filled fathers! Time is running out! I charge you, fight for what is yours! Fight for your children! Fight for posterity’s sake if you lack reasons to fight. Our joint efforts will produce results for us, but we must fight…

“…Inform my Stewards” dear daughter, she manages to say.

Ok Mother, not to worry, they’ve actually been listening in on our conversation but I need you to stay ‘awake’. This is the first rule of war. We have a terror to conquer and the time is now! Yes, we can!!!





2 Responses to Nigeria and Terrorism; a solution perspective -by Edith Jeff-Okoroafor

  1. A good message to sensitize Nigerians about personal self worth and this goes a long way to prevent so many things.

    September 7, 2014 at 12:24 pm

    • Thanks Segun.

      Edith Jeff-Okoroafor

      Edith Jeff-Okoroafor
      September 7, 2014 at 1:10 pm