Nigeria is rich but the people are poor

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Every day it gets worst, cruelty, injustice and corruption. Nigerians suffer and starve, the government that the people voted into power has abandoned them. They(the government) claim to have put so much money on education yet the children of the rich still goes abroad for study or in private schools within the country, while children of the poor go to inadequately funded public schools with limited chairs to seat on. They also claim to have put so much money on health care but top government officials still runs to abroad for medical check ups, while the poor as well as average Nigerians struggle to get attention in a very poor facility with attitude of hospital personnel to deal with. The government claim to provide alternative power supply with lots of money already expended, yet the people live in darkness…why the deceit?

The reason why the Nigerian people are poor is simple, a small number of people in the corridors of power has taken what is meant for the people into their personal pockets. Go to many government offices, the decision makers are old and worn-out individuals with no brain tissues left for new ideas. They close the door for younger people with brighter ideas and drive for advancement to get in because they fear there position will be threatened.

The hope of every nation is built around her young people, the youth. The Nigerian youths are the chance that this country have to survive. It is therefore imperative that you live your life in such a way that fights the evil that chokes the country. What you do today defines the world your children will come to meet tomorrow. Remember therefore, that for every man there is a purpose for which he sets up in life, let yours be the doing of all good deeds.

One Response to Nigeria is rich but the people are poor

  1. It is no longer news natural endowment bestow on these country (Nigeria) neither is it new how they are misappropriated, but what i think is in fact news is that the general populace is cut in the middle no one to turn to for help. from top to bottom the corruption eats into the fabrics of our leaders, everyone is trying to grab as much as he can as if the world is coming to an end.

    July 3, 2012 at 1:24 pm