Nigeria: Quit Notice to Igbo People: Stop Another Looming Genocide Now – Online Petition -By Chima Christian

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Chima Christian


Dear friend and colleague,

Following the unlawful and ill-advised notice issued by Arewa youths of northern Nigeria to the Igbo people residing in that part of the country to quit on or before October 1, 2017, a hate song that has gone viral composed in Hausa language by a Hausa/Fulani singer encouraging the massacre of Igbos anywhere they are found in Nigeria, and the grave danger such notice and song portend to not only the Igbo people but also Nigerians in general, we seek, by this petition, the urgent actions of Nigerian authorities, the United Nations and the international community to immediately bring the authors of the hate speech and genocidal song to justice.

We call on the Nigerian authorities in particular to immediately embark on a global campaign particularly in northern Nigeria to ensure that these murderous plots against the Igbo race in Nigeria do not become manifest.

We by this petition also put world leaders particularly those of the United States, Germany, Britain, France and Israel among others on notice relating to these infractions.

Sign the petition here:

Warm regards,
Chima Christian