NIGERIA: The best and only place for Edward Snowden.

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Today is the 13th day of Edward Snowden’s saga. The young man who felt that the America strategy of using not just Americans but also other country nationals as weapon, is barbaric, a threatening provocation to civil and international war, and infringement to their rights of privacy, according to U.S official, is in a state of “no place to go”.

It is true that Edward Snowden requested for asylum in Russia, Ecuador, Venezuela and some other countries. It is true that Russian president, Vladamir Putin would have accepted Snowden’s request if he had agreed to his condition. It is also true that Snowden has been trapped for a while in Moscow, not knowing what to do or where to go, at the moment. It is true that the U.S government is doing all they can to bring Edward Snowden home for indictment. However, what is not true here are what Mr Snowden stood for and what he has done for the freedom of people all around the world.

Recently the government of Bolivia warned America on threat to them as regards accepting Snowden’s asylum request. They vowed to close down the United States embassy as a sign to their warning if America doesn’t stay off their affairs.

In as much as all this activities is playing out almost concurrently, Bolivia has the right as a sovereign nation to accept whoever they want to accept with whatever reason they deem responsible. Barack Obama has rendered Snowden stateless by annulling his American passport so what it means invariably is that he is free to become a citizen of any other country he chooses.

My opinion right now on Snowden and America saga is simple. If by chance you, Mr Snowden, are reading this article right now, if no country is willing to accept you, try NIGERIA.