Nigerian leaders are terrible people!

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You may not agree with me on this but that’s your headache for now. One truth that most of us don’t want to hear is that some Nigerians are more Nigerian than others. You and i only claim to be Nigerian but the true Nigerians are very few, in fact, they can be counted, they seat in round tables and discuss how the national wealth should or should not be distributed.

Few days ago, I sat with one of this country’s so-called top men and told him my views(what most of you will call, my church mind) about the leaders, himself inclusive. I was raw and straight foward, i told him that they are leaders that many in the world cheer for, leaders that have made their mark in their various ways but, most of all, they are political criminals and corporate liars. As i looked straight into his eyes, i saw that he was disappointed, but i was glad i told him that. He perhaps expected that i ask for his contact number, a C-card or some form of assistance which many in my position would have done, but i didn’t instead i spoke the truth before him.

Nigeria is a very interestingly blessed country but one with bastardly corrupt and senseless leaders. Many of us seat in our homes, not knowing or even having a clue as to what is happening, how your money is been used and spent; how your fate is been decided by others; how instead of your voice, other people’s voice are heard.
This is a country where a Vice Presidents’ feeding allowance is over NGN1 billion; A country where one(1) kilometer road is done with over NGN1 billion. How many of you know that the entire Mpape, a local settlement in the Federal Capital Territory, has been sold to the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan?
The Abuja National Stadium is the most expensive stadium in the world. The money used in building that stadium will be enough to build at least two world standard refineries in the country. Nigerian leaders are terrible people!

At times i find it hard to believe that am a Nigerian, i try very hard to differentiate myself from the typical Nigerian man or woman in order to stand out, in order to be counted amongst the unlucky if you know what i mean. Everything in Nigeria is expensive not because they should, but because our leaders have inflated every cost. It will never stop until you and i wake up to say enough is enough and actually mean it.

The clock is ticking and the doors are closing, Nigerian youths should make use of the light while it still shines.



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  1. absolutely true

    Joshua Dogara Amstrong
    March 27, 2013 at 9:39 am


    Kola Shittu
    March 27, 2013 at 12:10 pm