Nigerian Politicians And The Cubicle Of Audacity -By Ajakaiye Olanrewaju

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If men were God in this part of the world, I am very sure that a man would command that all the politicians in Nigeria should just vanish and be immediately replaced with Angels. The pains of the ordinary people in our communities has exacerbated to the level that they commit suicide daily due to inability to meet their pressing financial obligations. The Kogi State Governor, the Governor of all Governors, the most creative and industrious of all Governors in Nigeria, Yahaya Bello who has turned his once buoyant state into comatose of unending misery, your Excellency Sir! Dire is an understatement in describing the economic situation is Kogi, as this has affected the security situation in that state. Kogi is now the economic capital of kidnappers and power base for armed robbers, as they are willing to exchange any amount from their victim for freedom.

On the 8th of December, 2017 Nigerians awoke to the un-aromatic and perplexed news that Yahaya Bello, Governor of Kogi state, has completed his state-of-the-art country home on Mahmoud Atta Street, GRA Okene. With dignitaries including Abdul Rahman Ado Ibrahim, Ohinoyi of Ebira land joining the Governor during the house-warming ceremony. An unconfirmed source had described the mansion as “a thing of beauty”. One word could describe this nonsensical unmelodious entertainment with just one would ‘pillager’ it is only a marauder that can possess this enormous audacity to commission a mansion in the mist of poverty and severe hunger. Kogi state workers and pensioners are groaning under the burden of unpaid salaries running into several months, yet a Governor is living in flamboyancy. This is just an audacity of shame! Nothing more!

News has it that when the house was under construction in August, some residents of the exclusive residential area complained that the Governor converted the Street entrance to his private gate. But Bello carried on with the project, while Kingsley Fanwo, spokesman of the governor, said his principality had made a better provision for the affected residents, maybe this would happen during campaign for the 2019 general elections.

This same Governor few weeks ago, during his visit to the President claimed on national television to owe the Civil Servants in Kogi State just two months salaries, what an audacity! This statement attributed to the Governor was not a slip of tongue because he went further to say that those who claimed he his owing are political Civil Servants, what an audacity! What do you take Kogi people for? Sometimes I wonder where the generation of Nigerian politicians came from, If it were Sahara Desert, it would have been better, at least they will thank God that they have to access to water in this part of the world. An average Nigerian politician has never seen the world hunger at least in the Dictionary, if they have, they would not have so much audacity to lie to the people on the true state of things. Even when they embark on stomach infrastructure, it is for elections or to seek another meaningful gain.

A Governor that is described to be the youngest of all Governors in Nigeria yet bereft of ideas, the dearth of managerial skills by this Governor is highly disappointing and un-condonable. It is high time people of Kogi rise to this challenge and I don’t think they need to wait till 2019 before kicking this man out, else more irreparable damages would have been done and generations unborn will blame this generation for not standing to the challenge.