Nigerians And Christmas Celebration -By Chinedu Vincent Okoro

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The word Christmas was coined from the middle English word ‘Cristemasse’, which traces its roots from old English word ‘Cristes-messe’, literally meaning Christ’s mass or simply, mass of Christ, which when Christians remember the coming and ministry of Jesus Christ on earth.

There was nothing like Christmas celebration on 25th December in the history of the church until 336AD, during the reign of the Roman Emperor, Constantine. 25th December was officially declared by Pope Julius 1 as the day for celebrating Christmas.

Is Christmas celebration necessary?

I don’t think that there is any other celebration, insofar as, man is concerned, that is more important than Christ’s birth. I have heard some Christian churches preach that Christmas celebration is demonic because, it was used to replace a pagan celebration. It is important to let such preachers know that they are deceiving their followers. If Christmas celebration is not worth celebrating on 25th December because of the above, then such people should change their day of worship from Sunday, since it replaced the feast of the Sun god.

Nigerians and wrong way of celebrating Christmas

Based on what I discovered so far, since I was born, many Nigerian Christians don’t really understand or know what Christmas is all about. They see Christmas as a time to visit the village to meet their relatives and friends, to change their wardrobe, plait new hair, meet new friends, buy rice, kill chicken, increase the price of goods and services, hoard petroleum, slash workers’ salaries or even owe workers their salary, spend extravagantly, live immoral lives, etc.

Christmas is far bigger than all the above. This is the time meant to remind the Christian community that there was a time a gift was given to humanity by God. It was this gift that restored the face of the earth. The gift was as a result of the strong love God had for humanity. Therefore, Christmas should be a should to extend God’s love to humanity, a time we should show love to one another, especially those we are better than. Prices of goods and services should be reduced for common citizens to afford them and enjoy with others. Workers’ salaries should be paid as at when due.
I bring you good tidings of the season!!!

Chinedu Vincent Okoro is a Nigerian Writer cum Political activist. He is a graduate of Educational Management and Political Science from Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT). He is the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Abia State Chapter. An Ambassador of words Cesar Egido Serrano Foundation (Spain) and the President of St. Vincent Literary Forum Nigeria. You can also reach him through [email protected]