Nigerians are unpredictable.

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I am really trying very hard to understand Nigerians or should i say, some Nigerians. At a time when they are supposed to stand strong and kick against what’s wrong, they stand strong to back it and even prepare to die for it. Isn’t that crazy or silly to say the least? Stella Odua is accused of buying two unbudgeted armoured vehicles for about N232m. Millions of Nigerians especially the Northern ones, called for her head on a spike, suggested and requested for her resignation or a straight firing by the president. After what seemed a national debate about whether or not she should be sacked or compelled to resign, she was fired to resign and Nigerians were happy.

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria not only buys, but currently uses a fleet of 7 armoured vehicles, different colours, different horse-powers and direct from different countries. He publicly spend and illegally donates N285b of an unbudgeted public funds. He has since refused to submit the CBN’s 2012 financial accounts to the Financial Reporting Council, FRC, the body with the mandate to ascertain the compliance of companies with accounting standards, and the International Financial Reporting Standards, IFRS. He is asked to resign, and he refuses to. And Nigerians defend him.

Human thinking dictates that every punishment should fit the crime but the question is, how do one scale crime and know what level of punishment to attribute to it? Just as no sin is considered small or big, so also no crime is considered small, too small, big or too big, for every crime is a crime no matter how little and the perpetrator deserves to be punished in accordance to the law. The acts that we see in the government of today Nigeria are questionable but expected, for only a country with a workable system, one where the institution are strong and respected, are trusted to been seen, a clustered section of decent and moral individuals or acts that elevates it status. No one is above the law including the president. Down here, the institutions for which the people put their faith on is compromised, allowing all manner of crimes to prevail. Some of these unpredictable Nigerians, the ones who are happy with the CBN governor’s act, may see this as a witch-hunt but, i need them to search their conscience and truly ask themselves, whether or not, Sanusi’s resignation or outright sack hasn’t been long overdued?

We live in our own little world so much so that sometimes we forget what it feels like to live among people. We forget who we really are and sometimes, if we’re lucky, someone comes along and shows us who we really want to be, who we should be. Nigeria belongs to all of us and not just some high profile corrupt government officials who seats behind the desk instructing and commanding, using pen and paper, our national treasure to their private bank accounts. We must apply a clear mind and administer appropriate judgement towards the actions and inactions of those who overseas our money. If STELLA Odua is guilty of her crime then by all means let her pay for it and if SANUSI Lamido Sanusi is also guilty of the crime for which he’s accused of, then he should be allowed to pay for them because that’s the only way Nigeria can be made clean.