Nigeria’s Future: Youth Remain A Priority -By Aare Anjuwon

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Aare Anjuwon


Unfortunately, the scourge of unemployment is turning majority of our unemployed young Nigerians into another set of vagabond, rogues, incorrigibly kleptomaniac bandits due to our self-centered rulers’ nonchalant attitude to establish right direction for our teaming youths growth rate.

It’s so pathetic seeing creative and highly intelligent young Nigerians vagrant around multinational companies and government agencies lobbying for underpaid and menial jobs for survival. Due to this menace, creative, skillful and patriotic young Nigerians are being deprived daily from contributing their quota to the national development.

In Nigeria today, talents are wasting. The first class/ distinction graduates are becoming feckless, layabout and ne’er-do-well if not employed as earlier as possible because most seeing themselves bigger than menial works and services. Few among the second class/ upper credit graduates are getting jobs in wrong fields. Imagine, graduate engineer securing the job of a bank teller. Graduate of English language favoured as telecoms engineer. While the majority of 3rd class, lower and pass graduates are roaming about the streets turning to gamblers, scammers and smugglers due to the fact that majority believe their certificates are worthless, and considering the advertised job requirement from employers that mostly capitalized and encouraged only first and second class graduates to apply.

To be candid, jobs are advertised daily by multinationals and government agencies on social and print medias but the most sadden part of it is that, after the rigorous and series of interviews, only the skilled and highly experienced or internally favoured candidates opportune to get right jobs.

Non educated ones are being brainwashed and engaged into trending and illegal businesses like army robbery, terrorism, kidnapping, militancy, oil bunkering, smuggling and political thuggery while the big boys are migrating to foreign land in search for greener pastures.

What about the underaged children and undergraduates? Most of these students have dropped out of schools mostly seen on the streets, highways and motor parks; hawking worthless goods like pure water and sausage rolls due to poverty and incessant strike action by the education union who agitated for proper funding and good policy formulation geared towards its reform.

Alas! Over the years, our government have given us series of excuses why the system is in pendulum state, upon we have abundant resources to establish great nation out of our endowed resources.

Owning to this, excuses appear to have been objectively adopted by Nigeria government as a mean of illustrating their inept and failure to provide basic amenities and enabling environment where young entrepreneurs can thrive.

At this age of realism where countries put beautiful ideas at the centre of existence, my country is sunk into irrationality, corruption, atavism and intolerance. As a result, infidelity, dubiety and inequity become the currency of the time. No doubt that any country that is real in reverse grows in reverse. Here is where justice had been stifled, accountability strangled and honesty stabbed to death – anonymous.

If truly our elected public officers are sincere about tackling the problem of insecurity in Nigeria, the earlier they realised that “Poverty” is a big challenge before every young Nigerians with mass unemployment and low standard of living. Basic amenities like electricity must be constant all times to enable artisans and self employed graduates carried out their petty businesses. Education system need serious attention in order to take our young ones away from the street. Provision of foods and shelters for destitute must also be put in place.

Secondly, youths participation in decision making process. Philosophers believe that creating policies with the young people is the only way to work together for a real societal change. This means, incumbent lawmakers led by Senate President Bukola Saraki and Rt Hon Yakubu Dogora must support and passed #NotTooYoungToRun Bill without any further delay to awake the sleeping youths that the future is now.

Thirdly, retirement of old officers in public offices and civil service commission. Looking at Nigerian political system, the opportunists; directors, political gladiators and godfathers in civil service and public offices are not ready to retire for their young ones yet they keep on deceiving them that “they are the leaders of tomorrow not today”. Whereas, the monthly take home of one director at NNPC or senator will take care of 20 fresh graduates if given the opportunity. Our rulers stylishly advocating and forcing teaming youth to engage in SME without availability of loan facility and enabling environment where business can thrived like USA. Why not encourage the highly experienced babas and mamas in public offices and civil service to embark on compulsory retirement in order to give ways to fresh bloods and to set up businesses that can assist the government to engulf some feekless youths away from the street rather than advocating for inexperienced fresh graduates to start business?

In conclusion, this is a wake up call to all incumbent and upcoming Nigerian leaders that;

Youths in any country are like fire triangle, take them away from streets, you put an end to insecurity.

The youth are the bedrock and foundation upon which every nation in quest for development and improved standard of living of her citizenry build upon.

Youth voices and engagement are fundamental aspects of democratic consolidation, as tomorrow’s leaders must get involved in today decision making processes.

A wake up call to upcoming young leaders that the future is now. It is high time we put greediness aside, form a coalition and get involved in the decision making process.

Time to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship among teaming youths.

Time to get needed skills on effective leadership and selfless service to the humanity.

Time to tell fellow poor comrades; #OurMuMuDonDo, stop praising looters, #YouTooCanRun.

Time to tell political opportunists, gladiators and godfathers that for the future of Nigeria, youth remain a priority!

God bless Nigeria!
God bless the Youth!

RIP Late Sage, Chief MKO Abiola, The Hope ’93.

Best regards.

Aare Anjuwon,
Technologist | Tutor | Social Reformist | A Patriotic Young Nigerian | @aanjuwon

A member of Arise O’ Youth Forum
#JoinTheMovement @AriseOYouth

A member of Young Democratic Party #GetInvolvedNow

Imodi-Ijebu, Ogun State, Nigeria.


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