Nigeria’s Smartness and Daddy freeze’s Intellect -By Nneka Okumazie

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It takes an inordinate amount of cognitive stagnation to make any individual have askew conclusions about the Church – daddy freeze or whoever.

Cognitive stagnation so advanced, becoming a campaign to tell everyone that Churches are responsible for poverty, or that Churches are somehow the cause of the disinterestedness towards development of the country.

Thinking differently or say, being a contrarian can be about a lot of things, but having to blame everything on an aspect of – say – social life, is bonkers.

Whatever is said by any Pastor or done by any individual in any Church has no public policy authority, or any political power finalization.

So the noise everywhere about what one Pastor said, or did, or what one Church does, or does not do, is not significant to anything potent to what Nigeria needs to develop. As a fact, it is not significant to the economy, or businesses, or electricity, etc.

Because Churches have prospered in Nigeria – and are conspicuous – people somehow think they are meant for stuff other than their mission and vision, NO! They aren’t.

It is stagnancy to be unable to reason beyond these: that the Church should innovate for society or that seed offering in Church is connected to development, or that interests in Churches made people to be unable to make Nigeria a better place.

Nigerian Smartness Compass

Nigerians are smart; or, rather some Nigerians are smart. But the quality or – say – inclination of this smartness may also be the reason why Nigerian remains underdeveloped.

Most of the things that are prosperous in Nigeria are due to the application of whatever smartness – it is – that is applied there.

Stuff in Nigeria that failed or – are currently – failing is because they are NOT often approached with smartness, or the smartness OF approach cannot match the problem – let alone to solve it.

This smartness deficiency is the reason why many Nigerians often assume many Nigerians are dumb. But dumbness could be the coefficient of all involved in something – if it is the same problem all the time.

For example, no matter any news or improvements in the power sector: as long as there is no constant electricity, or there are problems on utility poles or sparks, or transformer explosion, they are no different from thirty years ago with similar problems. Their collective smartness has not done better.

This is similar in a lot of ways to several other sectors and purposes in Nigeria. There are agencies and government offices responsible to fight poverty; but they either failed to have the right smartness or there’s NO smartness in their efforts – at all.

In Nigeria, activism is – often – cheap. There are problems to be agitated about, but either they’re – mostly – done without smartness, or they’re done with insufficient smartness.

So the same activism approaches – mostly, lets problems remain the same; since activism is numb and mostly insignificant – to solutions.

This common pattern of activism is adapted to several areas. There are activists of nonsense, activists for relevance, as applicants for positions, or even as a move to make money. There are also activists for fame.

Daddy freeze’s activism

It is OK to say that daddy freeze is an activist for fame, on a cause to no benefit – but he doesn’t see it that way because of the reach of his mind.

He’s unable to see or think beyond everything he hates about Churches. He’s unable to explain how the distraction of his imploding campaign will be anything OK for Nigeria.

If there is anything he has achieved so far, it is to grow his social media or get reports written on him from hundreds of click-existent blogs.

If anyone stops going on giving in Churches as a result of daddy freeze’s enlightenment, that person needs lots of introspection.

If it took daddy freeze to make anyone know that giving in Churches is optional and that going isn’t mandatory then it is a lower level of smartness – in decisions – or no smartness at all.

It is possible a person can be entangled in a certain Church, but Churches are almost the freest to leave especially for a member. Even if not just a member, there is also the freedom to find excuses to quit.

The accusations of Church this, Church that; tithes this, seeds that; or testimony this, Pastor that; are absurd – because the end of the argument makes no difference.

There was a Reverend who was at the crossfire of attacks recently over seeds. They enjoyed ridiculing her and the Church. However, with the calm towards her – now, after that storm, no difference was made to Nigeria, for anything regarding development.


In the United States, people often ridicule messages of certain televangelists and their pattern. They accuse them of being frauds. There is always some news, somewhere, of pastors’ excesses and why they are no good for people.

Though, for many true ones, following and listening to their teachings can be useful for optimism, courage, hope and faith, rather than the – abundant – pessimism that leads to addiction and several other destructive behaviors.

There are great aspects of televangelists’ messages and if it is truly about Christ, it has greater benefit than any alternative.

The difference with the attack in Nigeria is that many times, it is one-off. The country has so much going for them than to focus on a small set of people whose influence is not forceful, but mostly voluntary.

In Nigeria, it is fulltime for many to attack Pastors, like they are any problem at all – to electricity, or

Daddy freeze is focused on hating churches and brainwashing his supporters to think they matter to development.

He often uses an Eastern Europe country as an example of why Nigeria should not be religious, OK.

That country recently had a massive violent protest over corruption and low wages. They probably need to face how to grow their economy, innovate, create value and better jobs within their country.

They may not be religious, but the energy they are not channeling to religion may probably be elsewhere, and it’s obviously not in growing their economy.


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  1. Madam, I cannot understand the trust of your argument. Not logical! Not Convincing!

    August 17, 2018 at 11:59 am

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