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Samuel Ufot Ekekere

Samuel Ufot Ekekere


I watched Barcelona football club play superbly to winning the treble last season. They are a fantastic team with fantastic individual players. Over the years, I have being mesmerized by their style of play and brand of football which is undeniably a trademark winning style. It stocked with me that it took something to have them develop it.

As a student of life, I have taken time out to study the making of the best or greatest teams. I’ve observed that there is always that unit goal called “ASPIRATION” and the drive to achieve the goal called “inspiration” which these successful teams share.

Inspiration is dependent on aspiration. The drive to achieve is subject to the quality of the goal brought before it. We don’t actually go beyond what we can’t envisage or aspire for. If you look at the teams who make it to the top of every league season out season in, you will observe they are a driven by the inspiration that comes with the aspiration to always stay at the top.

You will have observed that certain teams think it is a right to stay at the top of the league, others think staying amongst the top four is just great, another think staying at the middle is enough while some others feel if they can beat relegation zone, it would be just great. Each of these teams thus spends or is inspired to spend on aspiring players based on the quality of the aspiration they expect their team to arrive at.

We are each blessed individually with awesome capacities that can only be triggered by building bigger than our immediate pictures. Those who have achieved great things weren’t great by some mysterious events. Though greatness is naturally wired into everyone, they instigated it by picturing what greatness they intend to attain and aspire to get that picture. Every step towards their aspirations is an inspiration that drives them.

Because aspirations are bedeviled with thorns, it takes a collection of qualities called inspiration to attain. These qualities include determination. A man who is inspired is fuelled with enough determination to face all the hurdles of life. Whatever comes against his aspirations, he sees only the aspirations and turns a blind eye at what comes around him. What you might observe about aspiring players is their cool headed determination to succeed and score goals in-spite of the offensive defense or players

An aspiring man is focused. They begin with developing a goal for themselves and then they keep their eyes glued to the goal. It is amazing to note that those players who actually aspire to some achievement over the period of their playing career and stay focused at doing what they have determined to do often have good results to show for their effort. Those that want the title stay at it regardless of the initial failures till they evolve through the season to what they have set for themselves.

An aspiring man has hope. Aspirations are subject to changing circumstances but we aspire however the circumstance and hope that we do the right things and get the right opportunity to reach that heightened aspiration that has being set. Hope is a great attribute. Hope is a driver. It’s cool being determined and focus but hope embellishes one with the belief that the right action is being taken and the result is certainly going to see daylight.

Energy often arrives for a man of aspirations. He often has more energy than he could normally get or give out. If you see the players with the greatest aspirations, the likes of Messi and Christiano Ronaldo for example, you would observe the amount of energy they exhibit, some extraordinary energy that inspires even their teams to success. That is why sometimes we may wonder at how much energy a player usurps when dribbling past other players of the opposition. Actually the energy only arrives as an inspiration.

Diligence spurs inspiration. It will take a diligent man who against not too good circumstance will strive each step and each mistake in continuity over a long period of time if that is what the aspiration demands. This diligence to pursue only arrives when the aspiration is worth pursuing.

When you are inspired, it is actually because there is some aspiration that has to be reached. If you aspire to something, you certainly need some inspiration to reach it. just aspire, aspiration always finds a way to arrive somehow.


Samuel Ufot Ekekere writes from Uyo, Nigeria. As a wise man of God, healer, teacher, motivator, mentor, life coach and writer, he writes inspiring writs on personal development for all categories of persons. He believes everyone needs motivation. Connect on twitter @naijasoars and,  +2347062809301