No General or Civilian, alive or dead, has a clean slate as Gen. Muhammad Buhari.

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Alhaji Buhari, during his campaign for president.

Alhaji Buhari, during his campaign for president.

The man General Muhammad Buhari has served as a Military Governor, a Petroleum Minister, PTF Chairman and as a Head of state. There is hardly any Retired Military office or civilian that has held as many lucrative offices as he had. Today, General Buhari has no single house in Lagos where he served as a head of state and no single house or plot of land in FCT, yet he stole and has a lot of money.
Ordinary commissioners, Ministers, FCT mayors, Senators and house of rep members owns, 2, 3, 4, and more houses in Abuja. Recently, EFCC said some one owns 48 houses in Abuja, yet Buhari has not a single one but he still stole money and has enough money. General Muhammad Buhari was formerly leaving in a rented house in Abuja, but packed his load and went back to his village when his rent was increased because he could not afford the new rent. Yet he stole and has a lot of money.

As a former head of state and petroleum minister, he has not single oil block. All other heads of states and presidents owns multiple oil blocks in Nigeria, but Buhari owns none, yet he stole and has a lot of money. General Buhari has all his children go through and still going through schools in Nigerian public universities till today. Yet he stole huge money and has a lot of money. Unfortunately, General Buhari lost one of his daughters after she gave birth to a child in a general hospital in Kaduna, when German hospitals and Indian Hospitals has become the 37th and 38th state of Nigerian politicians. Yet he stole money and has a lot of money. General Buhari was in Abuja on Wednesday with a rickety jeep and when he arrived from Kaduna some mechanics had to come to the CPC headquarters to do some little work on the engine of the jeep so it could be able to take the General back to Kaduna. Honestly, I was ashamed seeing that. Yet he stole a lot of money and he has a lot of money.

During the presidential election, General Buhari’s house in his home was dilapidating and a Good Samaritan employed people to come and renovate the house without the consent of General Buhari and he even frowned at it when he saw people come to renovate his house without his consent. Yet he stole a lot of money and has a lot of money. Personally, General Buhari has not given me a dime, even a transport fare and I have not seen him give anyone, please if he has given you prove me wrong. Yet, he stole and he has so much money. I was at the inauguration of the merger committee by general Buhari on Wednesday. No food was served, not even a drink or water. I was so hungry that I have to look for where to eat after the inauguration. Yet he stole and has so much money.

I have heard people say he stole 52 big suit cases filled with dollars or pounds and that he stole 2.5 Billion dollars, even though there is not evidence and subsequent governments has investigated the issues and confirmed it was baseless and lack a single truth. But I still think those 52 big suit cases filled with pounds sterling’s and 2.5 Billion dollars are still in his bedroom and the only conclusion I have is that he is keeping them to give to his late grand fathers when he finally goes to meet them in death. Don’t you think I am right? Obasanjo, was worth less than #1Million before he became president in 1999, I remember Pastor Bakare said yesterday that he helped to pay OBJs children’s school fees when he was in prison, but today, OBJ has mansions, oil blocks and billions with his mega farm. Buhari has none yet he stole money. Abacha stole so much and even when he is dead, the family is still not able to exhaust his loot and are living big.

Buhari’s family is living with almost nothing, yet he stole a lot of money. IBB was one of those buying PHCN during the privatization by the federal government. Atiku and co owns private Universities, OBJ owns one, and Minister of Niger Delta owns 5 houses and may be more in Abuja and many in Dubai. Almost all former heads of states and presidents owns oil block and refineries abroad. Diezanni Allison the minister of petroleum has his children flying in private jets abroad and living expensive lives while their mother is still here flying private jets and you know how many houses she has got, but Buhari has none, yet they told us he stole so much, 52 big suit cases filled with pounds sterling’s and 2.5 Billion Dollars still inside his bedroom and he has not spent a dime out of it. Then he must be keeping it for his late grand parents who he will give when he finally gets old and joins them in death. Please ask this government or anyone to identify any house in Abuja, Lagos or any other place in Nigeria and the whole world owned by Buhari apart from his home in Kaduna and his fathers house so I will take over them immediately or find out any of his children schooling abroad or any oil block that he owns or any expensive car that he drives so I will be able to take over them. I will be very generous to share them with you.

I am just using my tongue to count my teeth now. I hope you will still do the same thing I am sure I have not mentioned 2015 presidential election. If you like to have headache or give yourself stress, you may mention or talk about it. You are on your own. God bless Nigeria.